Liberalism’s Lost Sense of Limits

“I ran as a liberal willing to be critical of what liberals had done,” Moynihan said about his 1976 run for the Senate. “If we did not do this, I contended, our liberalism would go soft.”

What a marvelous gift to liberalism, and it’s something that is utterly missing among today’s progressives.

  • Waffle

    Unfortunately, Weiner provides no details to what reads like the introduction to a very interesting essay.

    If he were to continue, I’m sure he would have something to say about the new liberalism not only knowing no limits (to the role of government) but how today’s liberals think that labels are sufficient to define themselves.

    This obsession with defining and categorizing is what’s driving the liberal elites in the U.S. absolutely insane when it comes to Donald Trump. He defies categorization. (I am writing this to a backdrop of Bowie’s music. Bowi).

    Here in Canada, too many of us are asleep at the wheel. All those who think that Wynne and Trudeau (both pere et fils) are “liberals”? Raise your hands. (That’s what I thought).

  • Spatchcocked

    What stimulated the civil rights great society push of the sixties was DP Moynihans telling government (democrat) that the black illegitimacy rate stood at 17 per cent!!!!

    Seventeen per cent!!!!!…….and that this state of affairs portended big trouble.
    The liberal solution of course we’re slogans programs bad law and money….bags of money and bureaucrats….