Liberal group: Resign, Obama mouthpiece! – she says women not pro-abortion enough


“Here’s what I see: a complacency among the generation of young women. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said in an interview with The New York Times Magazine on Wednesday.

CREDO action claims her comments show how “out of touch she is” with the Democratic activist base.

“Young women, especially low income women and women of color, have been bearing the brunt of the right-wing’s relentless assault on abortion rights and have been leading the charge to fight back,” the group wrote in a statement. “Wasserman Schultz’s comment shows how out of touch she is with the progressive core values of the Democratic activist base, and is just the latest in a string of unacceptable actions that makes it clear it is time for her to resign as chair of the DNC.”

Actually, abortions are at historic lows, hence the angst among infant death proponents.

Pro-lifers are likely right in saying that ultrasounds of unborn children, etc., play a role in discouraging abortion. But mainly among people who live thoughtfully anyway.

That is, a woman who otherwise lives with some care for herself and the world around her might have at one time thought, “Oh well, if anything goes wrong, I’ll just have an abortion.” But now she does not put herself in that position so willingly.

There is also this: The population is aging. Older women are less fertile. They also have more life experience. They are more likely to know that Bad Stuff doesn’t happen only to Dweebs and Other UnCool People.

Also, large numbers of women today get sterilized after aborting or delivering a baby. Either way, they are not repeat abortion customers. Some abortion facilities must be looking to expand the range of the baby destruction services they provide. Organs for sale?

Those who do have children in the absence of a stable partner often belong to groups where it is increasingly normal and socially acceptable, and they expect to be taken care of. So the concept of pregnancy distress is nothing like it was fifty years ago.

Both groups are quite mistaken, but both expect to live well off their grandstanding.

And Hollywood shills harder than ever for abortion:

That cry for saccharine pro-abortion propaganda was satisfied on Nov. 18 by ABC’s Thursday night drama “Scandal.” Not only did the central character, Olivia Pope, abort the baby conceived from her affair with the president of the United States, but had it performed while a gospel choir sang “Silent Night” over the scene. A song celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus couldn’t be more deliberately inappropriate for an abortion scene, designed to deliver the greatest imaginable offense to Christianity.

The final scene of this “winter finale” shows Olivia relishing a glass of wine and her Christmas tree while “Ave Maria” plays. The show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, surely knows how to mock God and the whole Nativity scene.

But that’s just the point.

Most young women in North America are not remotely Christian, nor are they having many children or abortions. They are waiting for the government to step in. They will do whatever.

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