Awesome Whale Feeding

“Just a normal day on the docks working,when all of the sudden right behind me not 5ft away comes feeding out of the water a humpback whale swallowing everything in its path! By the time I turned around the whale had already submerged it’s self under nowhere to be seen. So me being a freak for nature photography got my Samsung Galaxy note 4 out and started to record in hopes that this amazing creature would soon come bubble feeding again, and what do you know I catch a glimpse of boiling water not 5ft from the docks again! It was a great day to have a camera!

K and I did the Alaska cruise thing years ago when I was working in Vancouver. Ketchikan, where this was filmed was one of the stops.

  • Great encounter/experience. Lucky guys.

    • On our way back in we saw a Super Pod of Killer whales.

      • Wow. I used to live on Vancouver and Denman Islands, by the sea, It was a daily feast of natural wonders.

        • lolwut?

          Until a well fed eagle shits on you.

          Saw some poor dude in Prince Rupert get that coming out of a building one morning. guy was covered head to toe. lol

          • Once, I found myself alone on a beach on Denman Island surrounded by maybe 50 eagles, some perched on trees, some on the ground tearing some prey apart (a dead deer maybe, can’t recall). No exaggeration.

            Another time, saw an eagle dive into the water and unable to fly out of it, so he had “swim” the mile of so back to shore. That’s what I mean by nature’s wonders.

          • lolwut?

            Ya, love them in manageable numbers.

            But up north in places Prince Rupert, they’re worse then pigeons and seagulls if you own or work in a fish plant.

            Same with Sea Otters, 2 or 3 are great, not so great when you have a gang of them conducting raids on your boat for your bait and catch.

          • Still, it is a privilege to see them.

  • Spatchcocked

    Had a brown colour whale in the Med come under my boat 90 foot ketch athwartship… He surfaced exhaled and closed his blowhole in my face and went down…
    Another time entering the Pacific proper at Juan de Fuca out of the high swells 40 feet high coming in breaking a bit came a pod of Orca shooting out of the wave face ….maybe 200 yards off tops sun was behind me blue sky …quickly beating pots etc etc one never knows with these fish…

  • Spatchcocked

    Just last week during morning dog walk a seal was hunting in the cove…back and forth and I saw the salmon he was trying to corral against the rip rap…..the salmon about a 5 pounder finally sensing doom threw himself out of the water and onto the rocks…never seen that before….ever…..put him in a bucket gave him to a couple of prawn fishermen heading out to let him go outside the cove…..they were Chinese so he might have been taken home I dunno……

  • dukestreet

    Fantastic! To be that close to such beautiful massive beast must have been a wonderful experience. Close enough to smell and feel the mist from his blowhole. So cool. Cells a great tools. Otherwise there might have been no camera.