Sweden: Rapefugee Sexövergreppen covered up by Authorities… what a surprise

We really need a Swede to translate, the gist of the story is that last August a concert at the Royal Gardens was turned into a Rapefugee Rapefest by “unaccompanied men and boys from Afghanistan and Syria”. Note that the concert event was held over several nights and the Rapefest occurred each night. Police and the press were aware of it but elected to hush it up.

This is not a surprise, Sweden’s elites are Quislings.

STOCKHOLM Now News Today reveal how the newspaper Dagens Nyheter deliberately darkened widespread sexual abuse in central Stockholm in connection with a concert in the Royal Garden last August. “The mere suspicion that the abuse been considered as difficult to describe involves a betrayal of the victims,” ​​the newspaper itself about the event, almost six months later.

Swedish reporter admits they spiked the story. “Sorry That we did not use it better”, writes Hanne Kjøller to DN never reported sexövergreppen.”


  • pdxnag

    Did a dam break? The flood of truth could wash away many houses of lies like houses of cards.

    • There is at least a crack in the dam.

      • Gary

        In Ontario we have a Dam Dyke that’s on crack .

    • Physics grad

      probably not

      these treasonous socialists will not let go their grip on power

      it will have to come to civil war

  • Hard Little Machine

    It really doesn’t matter either way. There’s nothing the small minority who still care are powerless.

  • ontario john

    Good news for Sweden today. The airport that was closed down because of a bomb scare has finally reopened. Socialist Sweden is doing so well with its diversity. I’m glad we are only getting good muslim refugees in Canada.

    • Physics grad

      make no mistake, there is only one kind of muslim immigration jihadist and we are getting these rape scumbags too thanks to that treasonous scumbag Turdeau

      • Gary

        The recent pepper spray attack on refugees in Vancouver may end up being by a fellow muslim because of the Sunni/Shia hatred or of different tribe.
        Justin is such a dolt that he thinks there is just one type of muslim and the 99% of them are peaceful and don’t follow the quran.

  • Physics grad

    they need to start lynching their treasonous politicians and jourmnalists