I bet that worked…

Guy attempts to impress girlfriend in the car

  • Fools. Criminal behavior.

    • He got impressive proof of his stupidity.

  • huron

    my gt750 keeps me humble

    • AlanUK

      My dislike of being killed or seriously injured (ditto my passenger and other road users), along with dislike of a criminal conviction and loss of driving licence, along with the enormous cost for damage caused, along with inability to get insurance etc. etc
      – keeps me humble!
      (Along with “Do unto others as you would be done by” but that’s so old fashioned!)

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    That ending was damned impressive.
    Chicks and excessive speed are a funny thing.
    About a third of them really dig it and will laugh like manic hyenas, the other two thirds are just paralyzed by mortal terror and that is not good for getting a second date.

    • DVult

      On the second date he can impress her on the bus.

  • huron

    al what I meant was that I am wide open on a bike dig? eyes open for fools that kill

    • Clink9

      Always ride a bike assuming the car drivers are trying to kill you.

  • Clink9

    Smooth move Ex-Lax. And I’ve seen the cabby U turn with fatal results in Toronto.

  • huron

    Clink I have been hit the driver ? drone? did not see me even though we eyed each other

  • huron

    new name for me poor gram.. gramur .. no uh..thinking grammar grammmmm aw crap

  • Ron MacDonald

    It seems young Chinese males can be every bit a dickhead as young western males.

  • ntt1

    Richmond again. its either speeding rice burner tuner cars or 20 kmph drivers used to ox carts.

    • Xavier

      Richmond, where?

      • ntt1

        Richmond , a southern suburb of Vancouver British Columbia , it is a de facto chinese colony.

  • eMan14

    If we could only harness the power of stupidity… who would need oil.

  • luna

    This video gives me one more reason to be thankful for having an economy/commuter car.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    A Uber cab dealing with the competition?

  • P_F

    I wonder if it happened in Richmond, BC or Beijing, China??

  • Richard_Romano

    His girlfriend has a very annoying voice — she’s not worth impressing