Cologne sex assaults: Number of cases in New Year’s Eve Rapefugee violence rises above 500

Police in Cologne say the number of criminal cases relating to violent attacks in the city on New Year’s Eve has risen to 516.

  • luna

    That’s 516+ organized sexual assault crimes in one European city in one night.

  • Seneca III

    I would hope, young lady, whoever you are and if you actually exist rather then an as some sort of avatar, a pictorial symbol for another post that is designed to be provocative but without substance, then I will tell you that it would warm my heart if I could offer you what is left of my strong right arm and a better future.

    If however if you or they are simply addressing the demented, gender slave keeping, inbred, female genital mutilating, honour killing slaves of Allah in a general sense then you really do need to be more specific (not that these seventh century retards would notice); or indeed more definitive, or Blazing needs to be a bit more upfront – whatever.
    Never the less there really are still some real men left in the West, only a few of us I will admit, but we cannot do it alone; we can only do it together, real men and real women without a Feminazi in sight, so I would suggest that the symbolism, the plaintive placards pinned to your chest, are immaterial and of no use whatsoever. If, of course, you are actually real in the first pace.

    • Blacksmith

      Well stated.

  • simus1

    Wearing a “groping forbidden” traffic style icon would have been more in keeping with the fact that the muslim filth on offer are usually illiterate in their own native languages like arabic, let alone different alphabet infidel ones.

  • Gary

    Hillary now claims that she believes every one of these women which should be interesting when people ask about Bill’s rapes along with her position to support Obama bringing in about 100,000 pro-sharia muslims from islamic hell-holes .

    Good luck for Justin to excuse away these rapes when these rapists were invited in to Germany and now Canada.