Rape riots excused: Because blaming the victim WORKS as progressive politics

Whenever they don’t happen to be the fashionable “victims.”

From David Warren on the rape riots on New Year’s Eve in Germany:

t took the state broadcaster, and other media, three days to report the story. Instead, they had reported “no incidents” that night. I suppose, like the police, they were short-staffed. And how, anyway, could it interest anyone that so many young men “of Arab or North African appearance” had been out and about in the middle of Cologne, around the ancient Cathedral and, we now learn, so many other German cities (and their respective cathedrals).

With firecrackers, I gather, it started in Cologne. The young men “of Arab or North African appearance” were firing them directly into the crowds of German-looking revelers. But few injuries came of this.

And in what followed, I gather, few women were actually raped. Most only received “unwanted touching,” from up to thirty at a time of these young men. In the account of one, only a few hundred unwanted touches, as she screamed and thrashed and fought her way out of the railway station. (There have been no arrests.)

The new mayor of Cologne, a lady elected on the strength of her credentials as a kind, tolerant, refugee-loving person, blamed the women. They must not have known how to behave. They need a “code of conduct” to avoid unpleasant incidents with the 1.1 million and counting freshly-arrived “new Germans” – overwhelmingly young men of military age.

But then, others criticized the new mayor of Cologne.

I sympathize with her. It is hard these days to assuage one politically correct group, without somehow irritating another. I would have just advised the young, German-looking women not to go out for New Year’s, for the rest of their lives. More.

Reality check: Always remember, Germans voted for it. They must actually want it. That is what mayor Blame Lady knows. AndwhyIrefuse to sympathize much.  I save my sympathy for people who did not vote for it.  Who did not themselves blather socialist “compassion” all day long (and who cares if some other woman is the victim?).

The feminists largely don’t take to the streets because all they ever really wanted was abortion on demand anyway. The ultimate freedom, as they would say. And it turns out, they meant it. But we all knew that, didn’t we?

Only Mayor Nice Lady’s forced resignation—and that of every single office-holder who thinks likewise—would even get any attention.

But that’s only the beginning: It is much more important to purge the ranks of the senior civil service of all who blather likewise against the freedom of women in public space, often denied under Islam and hard-won even here in the West.


Civil servants are far sneakier, less moral, and far less accountable than politicians— and can, like them, easily insulate themselves from tyrannies they impose on others.

Won’t happen. Germans would rather be big-minded and agree that the gangs of roving criminals have a point. After all, the government’s cheques still cash, right?

Warren also warns,

The new post-Christian Europe hasn’t a clue. Pegida itself doesn’t know what it stands for: it is itself part of a fully “secularized” Europe, and the term “patriotic European” is merely fascist. There never was a Europe to be patriotic to. There was a Europe that was Christian, and now this.

True. Fascism is just another symptom of the problem of  identity politics, with its strict hierarchy of who matters and its “cool index” of moral grandstanding.

I don’t personally think that women’s rights can survive Jewish-Christian culture, which was one of the few cultures that provided an intellectual basis for them.

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  • BradThomas

    “It is inconceivable that a continent of Christians would have let themselves be invaded by Saracens. They would have fought.

    This is because, at the most primal level, a Christian knows that he is a Christian, as opposed to something else. His identity is not up for negotiation.”

    So it is the loss of Christianity from our societies that is responsible – at least partially – for the decline of our societies. Others have suggested this on BCF and elsewhere and there is no doubt something to this. Personally, however, I believe that what was adopted in *place* of the Judaeo-Christian belief system, is the problem: secularism. Some other replacement might have worked fine, but not secularism – which is often seems not to be able to satisfy the deep-seated spiritual needs of its adherents.

    Mark Steyn has talked about the hole or void that secularism has placed in our society (a hole that Islam often steps in to fill). And – speculating here – but I think that this nullity is about identity as much as anything else. This is ironic in the sense that our society is often fixated on identity (identity groups anyway) but these are perhaps more like labels than true identity signifiers – the 17 (or however many there currently are) sexual or gender “identities”, race, etc. But actual identities provide people with a paradigm, an overall worldview, a roadmap for living. This is something that Judaism and Christianity did, and secularism does not. Islam does, however, and perhaps this is one reason for all the Western converts to it: whatever else it is, Islam does provide a true and obvious identity to its members.

  • ontario john

    Media elite coverage of the protests in Germany have become bizarre. I’m watching the CNN coverage. The reporter states there are about 1300 leftists and feminists there. I guess to support rape and assault of women, and about 300 of what CNN are calling right wing protesters. The so called right protesters are being water cannoned and driven back by police, while the leftists seem to be able to do anything they want. Of course Canadian media is only giving minimum coverage. They are more worried about islamophobia in Canada this morning, after some muslim refugees were sprayed with pepper spray. And let us not forget that mosque in Peterborough.

  • mauser 98

    Elin Krantz, once a beautiful blond woman is now dead in the ground and six months decomposed.
    She was a member of a Facebook page called “We Like Diversity”
    “Now the Swedish taxpayers will have to take care of his worthless hide for life.”

  • JoKeR