Netanyahu leading effort to thwart Obama bid for U.N. chief

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly is planning payback for President Obama’s dismissing Mr. Netanyahu’s objections to the Iran nuclear deal last year. Mr. Netanyahu is said to be rallying moderate Arabs to thwart Mr. Obama’s bid to become the Secretary-General of the United Nations after he leaves the White House next year.

h/t RM

  • Alain

    It seems that the biggest POS gets the biggest rewards. He should be exiled where he has no access to other people’s money for the rest of his life, since clearly he won’t hang for treason as he should.

    • Obozo clearly hates the Jews. No better way to my the UN totally worthless.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        The UN clearly hates the Jews.
        Perfect fit.
        And it’s not like the UN does anything anyway.

    • mauser 98

      Barry hates America.. pounded into his head
      Frank Marshall Davis

      • BillyHW

        His mom sure had jungle fever.

        • mauser 98

          .. she was a misery

          • JoKeR

            I love the thumb tack through the middle of the condom!

  • simus1

    Emperor Barry seems a little “plain” for a really difficult high profile job like UNO -SG.
    Executive social director on a mega cruiseship might be a possiblity after the bright lights go dim for a while.
    A few years of obscurity raising prize ploughing mules with Michelle sounds like a plan.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s a practical thing. If Obama rules the UN there will be global pogroms

    • V10_Rob

      Gives the idiot left an in for pushing policies that would otherwise never have any hope of flying. The UN has always been keen on passing statist and socialist international laws that override domestic laws, and the US has always been a major obstructionist. The kind whose refusal to participate actually carries weight, unlike smaller nations who can be ignored, isolated or otherwise bullied into line.

      If the Messiah is the Sec Gen, stumping in America, speaking the language to a populace that regards him as a celebrity, with plenty of political connections and clout within the Democratic Party, and a Republican Party that rolls over and dies whenever he frowns, they could implement a lot of agenda items and totally bypass state and federal legislative and judicial bodies. Because international law must be obeyed, right?

  • Shebel

    Obama – having a position of power in the UN would be like reigniting a Nightmare.

    Harper— would be excellent.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Harper has too much sense to waste his time there.

      • Shebel

        He wouldn’t get in anyway. They don’t want honest people and they hate the word ‘integrity’. They want ‘ Lap-dogs’.

  • Spatchcocked

    When did that jumped up narcissistic long legged Mac daddy reveal he wants the UN job?

  • Spatchcocked

    I LUV that picture……Binny looking at the Kenyan and saying to himself….”you are the worst bullshitting liar freak fraud I’ve ever met”.

  • Shebel

    It can smile ,it can cry, it can lie……….

  • barryjr

    Somehow I don’t think that Russia would approve him for that role, as a permanent member of the security council they could veto any selection for the position.

    • glasnost

      I’d bet that after Obama leaves office, even the USA won’t endorse him for the job.

  • Observer

    I think the Saudis and Egyptians will oppose Obama, knowing he’s the Ayatollah’s man in America.

  • lgeubank

    That makes perfect sense. Only “king of the world” is a big enough job to satisfy Mussolini for Moron’s grandiosity. And he’ll probably have a job for Jeremiah Wright in the Middle East committee.

    • Shebel

      I never did understand the Mid East. I don’t even understand why we are over there–
      How does this little charade go again—
      We hate Jews but don’t know why?
      We Love the Muslims–and the more of us they KILL the more we love them .
      The more jobs the Jews create–the more we Hate them.
      The more of us the Muslims KILL— the more we love them.

      This is the new MATH,

  • JoKeR
    • Lord, it never ceases to amaze me how gorgeous Bibi was in his younger years. He’s still a very handsome older man. But in his youth WOW.

  • Allan

    Heaven help us all if he ever gets to be Secretary General. The world will crash and burn

  • Clausewitz

    If Obama becomes the leader of the UN, then that will be the prime reason why newly elected President Trump will use for defunding and pulling the US out of that corrupt idiots club.