Islamist agitator defames holocaust and is booted from Trump event to cheers of Americans fed up with the New Nazis

Disgusting muslima

Disgusting muslima defames Holocaust memory

Islamist agitator Rose Hamid a member of the most intolerant faux religious cult that has ever existed defamed the memory of the holocaust by wearing a “Yellow Star”.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    Stupid bitch!

    Sad thing, too, is that profoundly misguided leftist American Jews likely sympathize with such idiotic anachronistic comparisons due to their secular socialist atheism.

    Until Americans round up all Muslims in the USA, strip them of their property, jobs, right to attend school, etc., etc., this Islamist wench has no right to wear a star. These agitators are scum of the highest order, pure filth using a spineless politically correct culture to overturn democracy in on itself.

    • African

      she looks like another white female converted to islam by her paki boyfriend.

    • Waffle

      SMH –Chutzpa!!

  • John

    At every turn Muslims will attempt to appropriate the mantle and the symbols of Jewish suffering. The fact a member of a murderous death-cult, one in which killing Jews is a kind of central tenet, should wear a yellow star is obscene. Had someone like Joan Rivers or Judge Judy been there, they’d have slapped her across the face! The moan about ‘Muslims as New Jews’ is utter bullshit, but gets pushed at every opportunity

    And this gal who complains about our racism and bigotry recently made her Haj in a religious-apartheid country that is the world’s foremost human rights shit hole. Apparently, while there she witnessed no injustice at all. Isn’t it a tragedy she missed out on this year’s stampede?

    In any case her actions will only generate even more support for Trump because most Americans find…and with good reason…Islam to be utterly repulsive.

    Those impressed by this cheap stunt don’t matter. They’d sooner cut their balls off than vote Trump no matter how dire the situation becomes.

    So let’s thank her for giving Trump yet another boost.

    • I am so glad she attended, it really does expose the moral depravity of that evil death cult.

      • John

        Her passive/aggressive gesture will backfire.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Hear, hear! Extremely well stated. Thanks, John. 🙂

  • Islam is a killing cult.

    She is a single piece of a larger system that brings death and destruction wherever it is allowed to exist.

    If we are lucky, 100 years from now, people might say, “Donald Trump” saved humanity by waking them up to this Islamic human scourge.

  • Gary

    The US Liberal media Leads with ” Muslim women kicked out from Trump rally ” .
    Many photos are long shots where you don’t see her mock the Jews with the Yellow Star of David where she put MUSLIM on it.

    Hitler had a Muslim SS Division to kill Jews outside of Germany in North Africa often call the Middle East .

    If this was a non-muslims women in Germany that went into a islamic rally she would have been raped and spit on .

    Muslims are always the victims.

  • luna

    This is psychological warfare.

    If Muslims were not such a tiny minority in the U.S. they may actually try to force Jews to wear the badge of shame as they did in the eighth century.