Is Europe Giving Up?

The migrants know what laws are — there are plenty of them under Islamic sharia law. In the West, there is another type of law in their new host countries, which have welcomed them as guests. In the Middle East, “host countries” with “guests” is also a familiar concept. Virtually all the monarchies and emirates hold the view that the state is their “house” and newcomers their guests; so if a guest cannot behave the way the host expects, he is escorted out. No one would expect a host to put up with a guest who trashed his house.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Europe is going to crumble into one big Greece.
    Their welfare state is unsustainable and the migrants they have brought in to perpetuate it are going to be a bigger drain on resources than the native population.

    • mauser 98

      Greece if they are lucky
      EU , stupid voters , fraud responsible

  • Hard Little Machine

    Foyle’s War S9EP1, it’s 1946 and a sketchy American oil company is haggling with the Arabs AND the Iranians to switch allegiance from the Soviets. One fellow tells the negotiator “Remember don’t talk law to the Arabs, they’re don’t know what law is, they’re savages. Talk law to the Shah.”