Cologne Attacks not an isolated incident – Women sexually assaulted at a “Welcome Refugees” party in Bonn

Note Google Translate from an article published today in the Rhein-Geig-Unzeiger newspaper.

Bonn. In a welcome party for refugees on the event ship Township in Bonn there should have been sexual harassment. The incidents are said to have taken place on 7 November.

This is clear from a letter of apology of the association Refugees Welcome e. V., who had organized the party. It states, inter alia, “In the party of our observation were harassed by various women from men, touched unintentionally or tackled inappropriate. We would like to apologize as Co-Organiser in due form. ”

The Bonn police previously knew nothing of the attacks, a day after the party was only a handbag theft has been displayed on the ship. Meanwhile, the Commissioner has received 12 inquiries detective and asks participants in the party or witnesses of incidents to report at the telephone number (0228) 150th (DBR)

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    So I’m not supposed to touch women without their permission now?
    When the heck did that happen?

    • moraywatson

      What’s old is new again!

  • El Martyachi

    What an unfortunate turn of events.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      It’s so regrettable that mistakes were made.

      • El Martyachi

        But then again… what difference, at this point, does it make?

        • Xavier

          German women need to assimilate.

  • moraywatson

    “Unintentional touching” and “inappropriate tackling” ? What a bunch of islamophobes ! Learn to COEXIST you ungrateful infidels !

  • Mannie

    They invited these people into their country. Their circus. Their monkeys.

    When their country implodes, we must absolutely seal our borders against European refugees. Let them stay home and fight or die. Euronate on them. We don’t want their disease, here. We have enough of their kind already.

    • Problem is the evil idiots in Ottawa will continue to leave the immigration floodgates open, Europe’s fate is our own.

  • roccolore

    Welcome refugees! Please, rape our women! Take advantage of our generous welfare system! Complain all the time and spit at the very country that took you in!

  • Cat-astrophe

    Reading the translation it seems to me the “Refugee’s” did not understand that they are supposed to dance first.

  • Cat-astrophe

    looks like the little chap has found his safe space, away from old blighty.

  • JoKeR
    • disqusW6sf

      How disgustingly true.

    • Same in Canada.

  • Alain

    It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of stupid bimbos. I confess that every time I see such idiots with their silly signs welcoming “refugees” I see red. The men there deserve the same.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I can’t wait for the courts to demand all pregnant rape victims to carry their babies to term because Islam.