500 Unwanted “Guests” Stormed Nightclub, Sexually Assaulted Women In Bielefeld Germany New Years Eve

NB – This is the Google translation of an article published today in Germany’s Focus Online. The “Refugee” problem is far more severe than previously reported.

500 men forced their way into a disco – riots in New Year’s Eve in Bielefeld more severe than previously known

The riots in the New Year’s Eve in the new station district in Bielefeld have been obviously heavier than previously known. 500 men allegedly entered the New Year several times by force in a disco. There were several reports of sexual assaults.

The chief of security of the “Elephant Club” reported in Bielefeld “Westfalen-Blatt” on Saturday of up to 500 men who wanted to multiply access to the disco with violence. Women have been touched in the genital area. “Only by using physical violence, we could help women to break free.”

The Bielefeld police confirmed the newspaper several reports of sexual assault: “First Viewing injured women are received at the competent Trade Commissioner.”

More at Die WeltHundreds are said to have attacked Bielfeld Disco

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  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I heard a whisper of this two days after it happened and then not a peep.
    I had forgotten about it.
    Any cellphone footage?

  • tom_billesley

    I await a rant parody on a “Downfall ” Führerbunker meme, with Hitler deploying non-existent police batallions against the advancing grope-kommando units.

  • truepeers

    “Deutschland, Deutscland unter allen”, seems to be the new left dhimmi fascist anthem.

    • Armed Resistance

      Our motto will be: The deportation of all non-Germans especially the Jews who organise this destruction nof Europe. Along with the execution of every last responsible. DAS IST WAS WIR SCHAFFEN WERDEN

    • Armed Resistance

      Please don’t take the cross next to my comment as a sign of some religious affiliation. As far as I’m concern,ed Abrahamic religions get banned.

      • truepeers

        Ok i’m glad you took offense at my lame joke. But if you think Islam with its god who is all-willing, who can change his mind on a whim, and who explicitly does not “bind his hands” in agreements with humans, is anything more than a parody, or purely negative response to the Abrahamic God who covenants with man, then you are working under some delusion. In fact, Allah is more like a pagan God of the kind you seem to want ruling your nordic “renaissance”.

        Now i don’t know why there are some (Israeli) Jews presently moving to Germany – it’s not my idea of a good place forma Jew to live – but if you think they are responsible for the EU socialism which is the outcome of two centuries of Franco-German rivalry to control Europe, you are again deluded. And if you somehow blame the American Jews you are even more whacked out in conspiracy thinking.

        Yes, it is true, i believe, that Jews have to take responsibility for their heavy involvement in socialism which was and is a civilizationally-destructive movement, and reject that movement which is again today a leading source of Jew hatred.

        But then what is your nationalism but a variant of destructive socialism too? If you think that, had Hitler won the war, there would have been a thousand years of happy milk and honey for Germany, you are deluded. Germany was still a creative technological force when Hitler came to power – thanks in part to the German Jews – but national socialism would have driven that into the ground soon enough. Socialism inevitably destroys the initiative and creativity on which national survival depends. And while, as i say, Jews do have a responsibilty to recognize and denounce their involvement in socialism, socialism is more closely a perversion of Christianity than of Judaism and European socialism could never have happened without the leading role played by the non-Jewish population – how many Jews running things today in Brussels? Only a handful of mostly Fench survivors, no doubt.

        Now if you were smart, you would recognize that your own nationalism – as all nationalism is – is a variant of Abrahamic religion. And you would ask how nationalism can work without the destructive will to socialism. You would see that Germany can prosper, like Israel, from immigrants who are both willing to assimilate to the national identity, and be a creative force in your science, arts, economy, etc. And if you did that, you would come to see that the German-Jewish culture, pre-Hitler, was not just socialistic but also creative force on the part of Germany.

        Many, though not all, Muslims will not be able to assimilate into a creative, market-driven society. Since they cannot compete in a relatively non-violent manner, they will be prone to violence. Similarly, those who cannot compete freely with Jews (most of whom assimilate easily to a creative, market economy) are prone to a violence which will prove self-destructive. If you are not willing to learn from the best of the Abrahamic tradition, i.e. currently the only modern, Western people who (in Israel) have a positive fertility rate and a healthy, creative economy, then yes, you have nothing to look forward to but a violent twilight of your nordic, homoerotic, gods. If current fertility pattern holds, there will be more Israelis, i.e. Leaders in science, the arts, economy, etc., than Germans in a few generations.

  • Hitler’s book banned and censored.

    The Book of Al-Quran allowed and encouraged.

    Consequence :

    Civil War in the West.

    • If you like “Hitler’s book”, this isn’t the blog for you. We’re all in the pay of the Mossad here.

      • Xavier

        Not me I work for them gratis.

        • I peruse the comments at Taki’s and am therefore convinced that my cheque is in the mail. I am a patient shiksa.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            I get free cable from the Jewish controlled media.
            I don’t think they do checks anymore; too traceable.

      • El Martyachi

        …. someone’s forgetting the first rule of in-the-pay-of-the-Mossad club again…

      • Blacksmith

        What, we can get paid for this? Just kidding, I am with Xavier below.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Even the Nazis don’t really like Hitler’s book.
        Hell, even Paul Bernardo is a better writer than Hitler, and that’s saying something.

    • V10_Rob

      Funny you should be whining about that, as ‘Mein Kampf’ just got unbanned in Germany. But it’s been regular best seller in the Middle East for decades, alongside ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ from czarist Russia.

      Almost makes you wonder about the timing. Sell it to the massive influx of refugees, sell it to the reinvigorated neo-nazis, everyone thinks its speaking to them while you’re making bank.

    • Armed Resistance

      But then again Hitler is far from the only person in history to have a problem with mass rape of Germans. Or Jews. And far from everyone posting treasonous language is a Jewish shill or an immigrant himself. Even though they are very numorous.

  • Xavier

    Now you know darn well they were axin for it!

  • JoKeR
  • Hard Little Machine

    I’m rooting for the cops to walk off the job and let monsters run the fun house.

  • Doug Kursk

    Ive been hearing from German friends that you will soon see some payback…it is an ugly wind that is about to blow and no one can say it is not warranted.

    You cannot rape with impunity.When the authorities won’t act, there are still hard men ready to show rapists the errors of their ways.

    • H

      One can hope. There WILL be bloodshed, that’s for sure: it’s too late for anything else. The only question is who will do the bleeding.

      • lolwut?

        If Germans are smart they’ll go after the leadership first to remove the command and control that could oppose what needs to be done.

        Merkel is the hardest target, so starting with the unprotected underlings and working their way up the chain would be a start.

        Merkel is powerless without the people below her to do her bidding.

        Henriette Reker needs another visit, this time at night without any help around to save her.

    • Clink9

      Time to Bobbitt.

  • Blacksmith

    Past time for the German men to act like it!

  • barryjr

    And PM Mental Midget wants to bring them here.

  • Aaron1960

    What the media call an incident is actually a pattern.

  • Henry

    For God sake call it as it is, Muslims coming in and sexually assaulting women. Stop pussyfooting around the subject. They weren’t just any men, they were Muslims that came in from Muslim Countries. Say the truth will you. I am so sick of political correctness, it is going to be the death of the west.