Woman who lied about being attacked for wearing a hijab fined

A woman who claimed she was subjected to a racist assault – telling the police and media she’d been targeted for wearing a hijab – has been fined for wasting police time after CCTV enquiries showed she made up the attack.


A made up “Islamophobic” hate crime? Why this has never happened before…

  • topposter

    That’s unacceptable, she should be charged with a hate crime.

    • African

      They should also investigate another muslim woman who claimed to have been attacked by men for her muslim appearance in hugely Islamic neighborhood in the East of Toronto. It is very likely this to be another made up story to deflect the attention on the Paris attacks which happen a few days earlier.

      • Etobicoke_Gladiator

        Maybe she dropped some matches in the Peterborough mosque? *ha ha ha*

        • moraywatson

          An islamophobe here, and islamophobe there and pretty soon you’ve got the germ of a democracy popping up !

          • Etobicoke_Gladiator

            Hear, hear! *applause* *crowd goes wild*

          • moraywatson

            A thousand ups !!!

  • Mark

    Still waiting for the arrests I’m sure are coming any day in all those ‘hate’ crimes that occurred in the GTA after the Paris attacks last year. Funny how no one has been arrested for those ‘crimes’ yet despite all the media attention and the ‘hundreds’ of witnesses these liars said there were to the ‘attacks’.

  • Gary

    Notice how the vandalism story for the Peterborough Mosque has gone quiet as the Police were forced to call it a hate-crime with no updates for arrests .
    That too appears to be just another ruse by CAIR to fabricate a hate-crime after every mass slaughter Jihad attack by muslims.

    Sheema Khan used the CBC ever since 9/11/01 to get her fabricated hate-crimes on TV which incited hatred for Canada.
    In 2005 Khan crusaded for the barbaric Sharia Law in Canada, then in 2008 her CAIR was exposed by the FBI for funding Hamas. The CBC kept using her as the voice for moderate muslims in Canada.
    Nihad Awad is a buddy of Khan’s , he is in this photo below at a Pro-hamas rally where you can see a Hezballah flag. Both terrorist groups murder gays which seems to be fine with the CBC because they also attack Jews which the CBC hates .
    So to the CBC, what’s a few dead queer’s when the killers goals are top wipe out Israel and the jews.

    • moraywatson

      Muslims can fabricate just about anything out of thin air: hijab snatchings, mosque arsons, bacon assaults, prophets, a friendly disposition towards the dhimmi kafir…..It’s taqqiya. It’s what they know, and it’s what they do.

  • roccolore

    Muslims fake the hate for sympathy.

    • moraywatson

      They fake the hate for submission.

    • mauser 98

      and it works well

      • moraywatson

        and when it stops working they just go “sudden jihad”

  • Achmed

    She should sue the police and the courts over the fine which is a clear case of Islamophobia since it wasn’t a legal fine approved under Sharia Law.

  • moraywatson

    “The footage shows her walking normally along New Street and at no stage does she appear in distress or seen reacting to anything…there is no evidence she was physically assaulted and she was given a penalty notice for wasting police time.

    Hate crimes are taken very seriously: Birmingham is a multicultural city and everyone should be free to go about their lives without fear of being verbally or physically abused simply because of who they are.”

    – Superintendent Andy Parsons

    Well if what you say is true Superintendent, then why did you not charge the muslima with a hate crime? The muslima fabricated a slander against a group of persons (non-muslims/infidels/islamophobes) so she could profess to be hated and intimidated by them, with the anti social intention of eliciting condemnation and hate against such group. The muslima is full of hate, and has totalitarian-supremacist political ambitions to go along with them – so charge her with terrorism too, while you’re at it.

  • Why are they hiding her name, the lying witch?

    • Alain

      Exactly since she is no minor.

  • canminuteman

    I am surprised they did that. Normally they would just take her at her word and throw someone (anyone will do) in jail.