Overnight Thread…


  • disqusW6sf

    I like her voice and I don’t care for popular music. I bet she could sing in musicals, light operatta and sing songs of Berlin, Porter, etc.

    • Yes she has some talent.

      • But her fake lashes are in very bad taste.

        • ntt1

          They are not fake , they were implanted by the same guy that did Joe Biden’s hair

          • Or Trump’s.

          • ntt1

            little known fact but trumps hair has a lot in common with the ultra heat dissipating silica foam tiles used to shield the old shuttles. his “hair” is also visible to the naked eye from the international space station.

          • He should change its style or cut it off. It makes him look weird, like an ageing faggot or something.

  • tom_billesley

    Reports of NYE attacks on women in Germany, Austria and Finland now include Zurich, Switzerland.