Mother who wanted her children to live under Islamic State control jailed

A British-born mother of two who tried to take her children to Syria to live under Islamic State control has been jailed for more than five years.

The woman, 34, who cannot be named for legal reasons, wished to live under strict Sharia law and believed such a regime could only be found where IS imposed control, Leeds Crown Court heard.

She abducted her children in October last year with the intention of travelling to Raqqa but was stopped by Turkish authorities in Istanbul and returned to the UK after her husband and parents contacted police.

  • Alain

    If there were any sanity left, they would have let her and her spawn go.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why can’t she be named?

    • Kids.

      • Maurice Miner

        As they say in the MENA: “Kids today – they blow up so quickly!”

  • FactsWillOut

    What a waste if tax money.
    They wouldn’t have jailed her if she wanted to live in Saudi Arabia.
    The political class are dangerous, murderous hypocrites.

  • Good.