Germany cracks down on speech by citizens enraged over its immigration policy

During my time at law school, I had to good fortune to study under a great scholar of the Constitution, rather than, say, a glib community organizer. That scholar was Gerald Gunther.

Gunther was born in Germany in 1927. His Jewish family had deep roots in Germany, and Gunther said they were reluctant to leave even as the Nazi government increasingly oppressed Jews. Young Gunther, unaffected by tradition, had no difficulty assessing the situation, and was hugely relieved when his family finally left for America in 1938.

  • Jim Horne

    Will a European Reign of Terror begin in 2016?

    Will a backlash (against migrants) lead to larger potests? Will the protests lead to riots? Will the riots lead to other types of violence? Can we concede that there is a possibility that some politicians may be removed from office in Europe through violence?

    Will Europe’s political pendulum swing violently to the the right or will the progressives and the left subdue the unrest?

    • Link?

      I suggest it is a possibility.

      Perhaps not this year but soon, the elites will do everything they can to criminalize dissent but they will be toppled.

      As with the Arab spring the uprisings will be viral and swift.

      • ntt1

        God, I hope you are right, but as of now it looks like the path of appeasement is being followed.