Cologne: Attacker Carried Introduction Cards – “I want to have sex with you” and “I’ll kill you”

Cologne sex attacks: Two men ‘of an immigrant background’ arrested with note translating threats to women

One of them was carrying a note written in both German and Arabic carrying translations of phrases including “Beautiful breasts”, “I want to have sex with you” and “I’ll kill you”, the Telegraph reported.

Cologne introduction note

  • luna

    Fairly predictable outcome when millions of savage young men invade a country.

    • As in Canada, Germany and its corporate partners want a large pool of cheap labour to keep wages depressed and the bureaucracy wants more pockets to pick in order to fund their entitlements.

      • luna

        These people don’t work, their only skill is burdening our society.

  • eMan14

    We are so happily diverse, it’s killing us.

  • H

    Now *that’s* funny. And after all, courtship is overrated – why waste time with needless words? “We sex or you die”. Keeps things honest.

  • ntt1

    how long until there is an arab /german phrase book including these comments and more, such as your goat has beautiful eyes and diverse invitations to coitus with a sliding scale of implied threat denoted by the number of koran glyphs beside the phrase.

  • Xavier

    Those sliver tongued devils.