Can Germany Face the Hard Truth About the Refugee Crisis?

“…The skeptics of today’s refugee policy—the term “concerned citizens” is now being used as a term of aspersion by the pro-refugee faction—are not represented by any party in parliament, but are announcing themselves with increasing vigor in the media and in opinion polls. Still, according to a poll by the Allensbach Institute, nearly half of all Germans are afraid to voice their opinion about the refugee crisis. Germany, you could say, is divided once again. One side has fear of Überfremdung (over-foreignization), of Islam, of radicalization, of limitless immigration. Their opponents have opened their hearts to the refugees and believe in their ability to integrate into German society.

Is suppression at play here?”

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Germans can face the hard truth. I don’t know if the ruling class can.

    • They are struggling to assert themselves but I suspect fear leaving themselves open to comparisons with the past.

  • In one word, nein.