Police powerless to follow terror suspects to seize passports, Boris Johnson reveals

Police are powerless to escort bailed terror suspects home to seize their passport because of human rights laws, Boris Johnson has revealed as he called for tougher powers.

The Mayor of London said bail regulations, human rights and “very uppity lawyers” were hampering the ability of the police to properly monitor suspects.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The U.K. can do whatever the hell they want to do within their own borders.
    They just don’t want to do it.

    • They lack the will to live like most of Europe it seems.

      • mobuyus

        Could that not be a good thing?

      • Petrilia

        I am glad the story about Cologne won’t go away. I retweeted it Jan 2 but it has taken days for it to get out. Now it seems, so shocking, this has happened in many cities and the MSM has ignored it. Why? Every major city in Europe had rapes by so called Syrian refugees. CANADA TAKE NOTE!!!!The most disgusting answer, and they are all sickening, was by the mayor, who was herself stabbed in the neck. Her solution? You women should cover up. Imagine the stupidity and insanity of that statement. This sheit had better not come OVERTLY to Canada. Yes we know it is here but can be managed…so far. What happened to white women on New Years Eve in many major European cities by thousands of men yelling Allah akbar as they accosted, grope, terrified mostly young some, but also young men was assault. The Allah Akbar’s laughed at the cops, rips up their papers and said they would get more tomorrow. Is that the neighbour yOU WANT?

    • Alain

      I would say yes and no, since it is much the same in Canada. The yes is having the will and courage to change the whole system, which is easier said than done. The no is due to having allowed non elected judges/courts to make decisions that should only be made by parliament, especially when it pertains to national security. It seems the whole system has to collapse in order for a return to sanity and normality. The biggest enemy within every country in the West is the fifth column of neo-marxists. Remove them and you remove the external threat of hostile foreign invasion.

    • BillyHW

      They prefer doing rectums.

      • mobuyus

        They are rectal polishers after alll.

    • Petrilia

      Just wait till those millions get their papers from anywhere in the EU and get into the UK? How are your hospital waiting rooms? Can Granny get in? or does a so called refugee get in first? All’old people from othe countries who can’t spak a word of English? With a translater? Who pays for the translater while Granny waits.For hours and hours in the hall. Already happening in Canada. Am I the only person who sees that this is wrong? A dear friend who works in a hospital just north of Toronto tells me this is the case. The waiting rooms are filled mostly with old peoplefrom everywhere on the planet. With their translaters. iyho are not Canadi#nTell me again Canadians? You paid for medical car,e by working for 40_50 years and you can’t get it? Why? Hospitals are filled with old people from Pakistan and Algeriawho have never given a penny to Canada and are given everything, not to mention . taxpayer costs for their translaters.I think it is disgusting.

  • mauser 98

    if a regular shlump owed unpaid taxes cops would follow him home

  • BillyHW

    Try not baking a gay cake and then you’ll see what power police do and do not have. And how is it that they can manage to keep Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller out, but not the terrorists who want to kill them?

    • mobuyus

      Can we not just have off the rack cock shaped cakes for queers and lesbians, they like them too.

  • canminuteman

    Sounds like bullshit to me. I think they could if they wanted to.

    • Petrilia

      I love this site but I think you weren’t responding to what I said. Perhaps if we could just respond to the topic. I know I was just being quite peeved that the European press, then American, Canadian took DAYS to respond to the Cologne attacks and rapes of young women and men by a gang of 1000 Arab African migrants to ordinary Germans trying to celebrate New Years as they have always done. Europe may have decided on their own suicide. CANADA and the USA have not. Every so called Syrian must be check which is what Harper said and did. What about the next unchecked ones, Canadians need to know. Nice photo Ops for the Harper checked ones, how many thousand Muslims who will never be Canadians first are coming? Am I a racist? Don’t think so, since I put up the value of my house for Vietnamese Boat People. Who repaid me many times over. I am just not sure about people who follow the Koran, please read it.

      • canminuteman

        My apologies. I think you misunderstood. My “sounds like bullshit to me” was directed at the British politicians who say their hands are tied so they can’t respond to people who want to kill us.

  • Petrilia

    Boris Johnson can be very good when he wants to, otherwise he floats with the wind. He is a very wishywashy guy. He could be courageous but he is no Trump. Trump has balls and waits for no man nor media to tell him who he is. Boris is always on the fence.

    • andycanuck

      I don’t feel like looking for what it was (probably reported at Ace’s, here, SDA, or Weasel Zippers) but he did something really lib-left p.c. just the other day so I suspect you’re correct.

    • Will Quest

      I say get that muppet gone to seed a pocket-comb P-L-E-A-S-E !

  • Petrilia

    Man up pussy boy. Grow some Trump balls. You could throw out all the Choudray hate boys if you wanted to. You WERE the Magna Carta. You were the inspiration for 900 years. If you in the UK do not stand up for Magna Carta, I can promise you this. I have as a Canadian believed that we were part of you and the Commonwealth and the Anglican Church. Now I am not so sure that the Free People of Canada have much in common with you. My uncles and their friends fought and DIED or returned to Canada MAIMED for you. WHY? You seem to have no idea or care or remembrance of their sacrifice.. . I suppose I should have written this on a UK site. I may not be so kindly toward the UK . Especially when Prince Charles might be king, he being quite nutty about global warming and very friendly with the Saudis. This pleases me not. Back to my premise. UK grow some balls and the first thing you would do would stop the government persecution of Tommy Robinson. Then I might think about whether Canadians should continue to care about you.I might ask how much you have ever cared about Canadians?

  • Spatchcocked

    Parliament can make any law it wishes to address any situation they perceive to be problematic.
    Cabinet may if it wishes make pro tem law if time is of the essence in addressing a manifest problem
    What is needed is perception and will.
    But where there is no centre there cannot be a concerted perception or will.
    All hail multicult.