Muta Madness Among Local Khomeinists?

The Jaffari Mosque in Toronto: Strange Events and Police Action

A series of police proceedings, complaints and a vehicle burning at the Jaffari Mosque in Thornhill Ontario have led to considerable speculation as to the source of the perceived problems. Internal sources say muta or ‘temporary marriages’ with single/divorced/widowed women to already married male members of the congregation are at least part of the problem.

  • Denis

    I was told in Saudi Arabia that these temporary marriages were just a cover up for prostitution!

    • DMB

      Their mosques are brothels and imams are their pimps.

  • Millie_Woods

    There’s only one problem. It just manifests itself in many different ways.

  • H

    The empowered pricks in the Shia community are allowed their multiple wives but it’s still not enough for them: they have to get it on with the few single muslim women 20, 30 years younger than them too, by paying $250 (and $500 for the teenagers, presumably) for a muta “marriage”. Sick assholes; sick ideology.

  • Exile1981

    So the mosque is a front for prostitution?

    • Gary

      It’s also the mosque where these pro-iran muslims want sharia law in Canada to legalize the child-bride pedophilia so some of the men can finally have sex with a human.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Hell hath no fury, etc., etc., etc.

  • Gary

    I remember when a Muslim lawyer was on the Coren show (CTS) and sat there to opine on this issue and said that he has never heard of any Muta going on in any Mosque.
    I wasn’t shocked that a lawyer would lie , nor was I shock at Taqiyyah by said lawyer . These treasonous weasels shave off the beard, trim their hair and wear a suit while the deny deny deny .

    Don’t expect much from this because our Lesbian Premier allows 2 Mosques in public schools and her boss McLiar did squat about the pro-hamas groups that marched in PRIDE for about 6 years.
    Justin now runs the RCMP while Wynne runs the OPP which means that the Laws only apply to White Male Christian’s born in Canada to Canadian parents.
    Blacks, muslims , gays , refugees , and the homeless get a special dispensation from the laws.

  • ismiselemeas

    As in all these cases a solution is best rendered by following the money. Revenue Canada would have a field day here and would be far more effective than any other branch. 10 to 1 on the money changing hands is leaving the country to support Shia terrorist networks abroad, Hamas etc.