Merkel promises firm action after ‘intolerable’ Cologne assaults

Burqas all round!

Cologne sexual assaults: British girl describes seeing screaming women being attacked on New Year’s Eve

  • Martin B

    She added that “cultural coexistence” must be continually discussed.

    Oh yeah that’ll show ’em.

    • Alain

      Nothing like mass rape taking place at the same time as all the discussion of “cultural coexistence”.

    • Millie_Woods

      Rapemaster Merkel is a fucking liar. She needs to be given the Cologne treatment in spades, just before she gets the Mussolini treatment.

      • BillyHW

        Also Pope Francis.

        • Will Quest

          No Pope Evita would enjoy that to much ~!!?!

  • mauser 98

    Deutsche Welle seems to have ended all their comments sections re this article
    was there few days ago

  • Ron MacDonald

    Sternly worded letters are coming.

  • lolwut?
  • roccolore

    Let me guess: Censor critics of radical Islam.

  • Waffle

    Well ladies, it’s obvious that we have to take protection into our own hands:

  • Jim Horne

    Will a European Reign of Terror begin in 2016?

    Will a backlash (against the migrants) lead to larger potests? Will the protests lead to riots? Will the riots lead to other types of violence? Can we concede that there is a possibility that some politicians may be removed from office in Europe through violence?

    Will Europe’s political pendulum swing violently to the the right or will the progressives and the left subdue the unrest?