Belgian Catholic bishops take meaningful stand against euthanasia

That is, they actually did something:

From MercatorNet:

Over recent weeks the issue of conscientious objection, or the “conscience clause” in the Belgian euthanasia law has been brought into the spotlight by the assertion by the new Catholic Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, Jozef De Kesel, that he has the right to refuse Catholic hospitals and aged care facilities to co-operate with euthanasia.

Euthanasia advocates both in academia and in the medical profession have bristled at the suggestion that institutions could say “Non” with many displaying a distinct and disturbing lack of understanding about the status of the 14 year old statute that allows doctors to kill their patients.


Initially all this seemed like like an academic exercise with no one expecting the new bishop to force a showdown. But a showdown was already in the making. More.

Reality check: Not for long, one guesses. The bishops won’t be heeded by the middle-class post-Catholics who just want the inheritance. Indeed, they will help to plot the Church’s demise.

Once a country’s religion is gone, murder at will can only be restrained by the imposition of a new religion. Wonder what it’ll be.

But it is honourable for the Church to go down fighting instead of down to therapy. And why be a church, if it turned out after millennia that they didn’t really mean it?

See also: Belgian doctors now lament death as “therapy.” Conveniently, now that it’s too late to turn back.


Belgian MP also calls for euthanasia law review pending child euthanasia (Again, conveniently, they probably can’t stop now because that would make the Cool people who did ot before out to be murderers, which would be a trigger warning/microaggression against their dignity)

It continues: Quebec, maybe Canada, to falsify euthanasia death certificates
The right to falsify a death certificate when someone is killed will doubtless prove very convenient in days to come. (Note how few people we meet here care or notice.)

  • Exile1981

    The idea of faking death certificates is a major concern. I can see a huge problem in that it will be abused to hise murders and assasinations. I also see that if a doctor falsifies even 1 death certificate for a euthenasua death it will bring into question every other death certificate they sign. That will invalidate them as a witness at a trial and make it easier for a murderer to get off.