Trump’s Populism Is Not Mob Rule

The country, bloody, bowed, is yet lumbering determinedly forward, toward the last year of the Obama economic, social, and geopolitical miracle. All polls, from right to left, show the administration’s disapproval rating 10 to 20 points ahead of its approval rating; all show 65 to 80 percent of the people think the country is heading, generally, in the wrong direction. And to swaddle the tableau in perfect bipartisanship, the approval rating of the Republican-controlled Congress peaks, as it did when control was divided and when it was in the hands of the Democrats, at 12 to 15 percent, just one of seven or eight adult citizens. I first started following American politics as a Canadian aged eleven or twelve years. We had in Canada all the American television networks and, as I was on the outskirts of the city where I lived, with few neighbors my own age, I watched a lot of television. In the impressionable manner of the young, and especially as television was a very new and enticing medium, I became something of an authority on current American political events, and have maintained that interest, with some fluctuations, these 60 years. I came home early from school to watch some of the Joseph R. McCarthy hearings on television, and remember my (40 years) subsequent friend David Brinkley giving the daily count on aircraft losses in the Korean War.

  • Waffle

    Lucky Conrad. My father was into wine, women and song, so in addition to him being an extremely bad poker player, not only did we have no furniture, we were the last people in town to get a tv set. Watched a lot of Perry Mason and Bonanza. Could have cared less about politics (then).

    • mauser 98

      wine, women and song’ … rest of the money he spent foolishly

  • Brett_McS

    Has anyone checked a Breitbart piece related to Trump? OMG, the comments are feral. Cruz in a RINO! Mark Levin is a RINO! (Don’t even start on Rubio, I think he’s actually a Cuban spy) Trump (who has not held even one conservative position consistently in his entire adult life) is going to make Reagan look like a RINO!!!

    Breitbart has made an absolute killing (click wise) by pushing Trump – their readership is up 75%. But at what price?

    Because I’m a nasty person I had to make this comment on a piece about Hillary Clinton’s medical problems:

    It’s OK, because when Trump drops out of the Republican race he will endorse Hillary and run as her VP. Then when Hillary has to drop out half way through her first term Trump will take over and the Trumpkins will have their wish. It’s win-win.

    • You aint seen nothin yet. Wait til the real election starts — for President. Forget the election ads on the big networks, the local ads on smaller stations are riveting.

      By the time it’s over, both candidates will have been accused of:
      – ties to the Mafia
      – somebody’s grandmother is missing and explained bones are buried in the yard
      – donations from drug Cartel kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman
      – membership in the Illuminati
      – secret converts to Wahhabism
      – every possible sexual impropriety imaginable (necrophilia excepted — sex with corpses is apparently out of bounds)
      – disinforming the American public about the aliens from outer space that were discovered in Area 51, Nevada, in 1947

      You get the idea.

  • tom_billesley

    Populism? I thought populism was at the heart of the US.
    Or is all that “We the people…” stuff not to be taken seriously?