New years eve 2015, Illegal alien invader riots in Cologne Germany – An eyewitness account

An eyewitness account by Ivan Jurcevic, a hotel club bouncer, what happened on 31th of december 2015 right in front of the cologne cathedral (Kölner Dom). Mass media coverage started only after countless woman and girls posted how they were chased by an immigrant mob and sexually assaulted, on a offficial page of cologne over at facebook.

h/t MFS

  • Wow! Surely Merkel has been told what happened in Cologne. Is she sorry she caused this madness, this evil? What does she think now of the “refugees” she welcomed with teddy bears and tea and crumpets? Does she feel guilty towards the German girls who were abused and even raped and the German men who were beaten up?

    • The Butterfly

      Hang her high.

      • Doug Kursk

        I suspect that the ‘elite’ will be dragged through the streets before this sorry mess is over in Europe.

        • TerryA

          One can only hope.

          • mobuyus

            My exact words note for note amazing.

      • Martin B

        Hang the mayor of Cologne right next to her. Yes, the women of Germany now have a Code of Conduct on how not to offend their Mohammedan rapists:

        • lolwut?

          That’s the same woman who got stabbed in the neck a few months back.

          Someone definitely needs to finish the job because she’s insane.

    • ntt1

      When native Germans raise their objections to the influx they are told they are free to leave Germany.This is population replacement certainly but it appears the brutality and barbarism of the “migrants ” was underestimated by the ruling elites. This is the beginning of the situation most right of centre people have been predicticting .

      • Yes, and there was no need to be a prophet to predict this would happen.

  • Doug Kursk

    Another time, another place directly outside the Cologne Cathedral

  • BradThomas

    There is a faint bit of hope in the video though. I don’t know how representative this guy is of the average German but there must be more like him (how many is the question). People who have been naive and blind to an unbelievable degree but when confronted with the truth, with German women under attack, he himself attacked, he responded as he should have – with force. Let’s hope others do the same.

    • ntt1

      but what if like most western men he has been effectively denutted by cultural marxism.? is this not the end game of the feminists?

      • bargogx1

        That guy didn’t seem to be “denutted” to me. He said that he beat the crap out of some of them. It also seems as though he previously bought into the drivel he’s been fed, but has now woken up and seen things as they are.

        • ntt1

          he is a professional bouncer so he has to be in top shape and is not really representative of his other fellow citizens. great job and all but is he becoming standard? i don’t think so.