Memo To My Fellow Jews: Immigration Restriction Is NOT Nazism


This same political class is trying to compare any limits on the influx of Syrian and Islamic refugees to the supposedly shameful episode where Americans turned away Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. Thus the Holocaust Museum, while not allowed to opine on public policy, opined “Nobody can reasonably argue that the response from the international community has been enough. As an institution we have a mandate to be the voice that the Jews of the 1930s did not have”

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    That’s a great article and will save me countless efforts in refuting not only this meme, but also the “America is fundamentally anti-Semitic” lie as well.
    Other than Israel, no country has been more “friendly” to Jews than the United States.

    Everyone should read this as even I learned a few new things.

    • All Too Much

      I was just about to post that its a must read and save. Excellent.

  • The beauty of the U.S. is the free speech. The ugliness of the U.S. is also the free speech. Especially during elections.

  • I say it too “Memo To My Fellow Jews: Immigration Restriction Is NOT Nazism” – rather, not restricting Muslim immigration is doing the work of Islamo-Fascism.

  • Dana Garcia

    It’s curious how painfully liberal many Jews are, often against their own well being. Even one of the top defenders, the ADL, did a poll about anti-semitism in America in 2002 and found the immigrant Mexicans were twice as bad as homegrown:

    Strongly anti-Semitic:
    17% of Americans
    35% of Hispanics
    44% of foreign-born Hispanics
    20% of Hispanic Americans born in U.S.

    • 17% of American-born in general. 20% of Hispanics American-born. 3% difference — statistically insignificant.