If you thought the CBC was bad…

Then take a whiff of DW, Germany’s Ceeb, on the Cologne refugee sex assaults.

(Which the CBC has neglected to report on. I assume our taxes are currently paying for Kleenex and laundry bills to cover the Ceeb’s ongoing collective blowjob of PM Useful Idiot)

Red alert in Cologne

That’s the last thing we need after an historic 2015, when more than 1.1 million refugees were so enamored with Germany that they wanted to be evacuated to nowhere else but here – all within a single year. By the skin of its teeth, the German government has been balancing the disordered social harmony in the country. Advocates of an open society are constantly having to defend themselves against attacks from those who are latently, or even openly, xenophobic.

Do read the comments, they give a much more realistic assessment of German society.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    “Police should be allowed to shoot those guys right at the spotted location. Just like US police does.”

    I wish!

    • Heh;)

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        The malformed opinions of foreigners, especially Europeans that have never even been here, is truly mind boggling sometimes.
        They think we just walk down the street shooting swarthy skinned people at random.

        • FactsWillOut

          Come now. We all know that every single police force in the US has standing orders to shoot black folk on sight.

          • WhiteFalcon1

            ummm…NOT! think sometimes by the way the “swarthy” ones behave most of the time the police might LIKE to, but no-ones been shot that I know of who didn’t need shooting…aim a gun at another with a gun don’t get all pissy if the other spreads most of your face all over a street…sucks to be them!

        • Physics grad

          they are just projecting what they know needs to happen

        • barryjr

          Well that is what the media and Obama imply.

  • Since when is unchecked religiously-motivated gang rape a characteristic of an “open society”? And since when is public objection to religiously-motivated gang rape a characteristic of “xenophobia”?

    My solution remains the same: Do you want to destroy violent Islam in the West? Then don’t kill a Muslim, take a shotgun and blow out the brains of your local Marxist Politician. If enough of these facilitators end up with their brains blown out, then the Muslim Jihad in the West will have no traction. The Left honestly believes it can harness the Jihadis for Socialism, which it still believes is the answer to Global utopia.

    Solution number two: abandon the idea of utopias altogether — whether Socialist, Capitalist, Islamic, or otherwise. Become a realist — utopias never work, we are imperfect human beings incapable of perfection. Period.

    • BradThomas

      Love your last paragraph, and agree with it. Christianity (maybe Judaism too – I don’t know enough about it to say) has always taken the position that people are flawed (fallen) and *will* do evil and try to exploit and harm their fellows. The best we can do is put in place checks and balances of some sort to limit the damage any individual or group (such as a government) can do. Exhibit A: the US Constitution and the general US governmental system.

      • The entire history of the Judaeo-Christian ethic is built on the realization of human imperfection. Biblical history is rife with examples of violence, theft, infidelity, Godlessness, etc. — not to show that these things are good, but as a historical object lesson about why these things result in negative consequences. Islamists and the Koran do the opposite — the sins of Mohammad are treated as the ideal.

        • BradThomas

          Yes, Islam kind of turns morality upside down, doesn’t it? On a different note, I’ve often thought socialism as an idea has its merits, and might actually be a good thing – if ALL people could be counted on to be fair and to share with everyone else. Which of course is nonsense, so it can never work. But the idealists dream on, and millions of people continue to suffer as a result.

          • Nothing wrong with having ideals and shooting for them, so long as they are balanced with the sober realization that you can never attain them. The problem with “Socialism” is that it is confused with “social benevolence”. Every civilization throughout history has had some sort of system for helping the less fortunate, whether on the governing level or something emanating from compassionate individuals or groups within society. But “Socialism” isn’t the same thing as traditional “social benevolence” — a fact that the adherents of Socialism prefer to keep under wraps. For Socialism to work it requires dictatorship (to your point that not everyone is going to be fair and share), and dictatorship essentially kills any good will that existed in the first place.

          • Alain

            Spot on!

          • vimy

            This is one of the most insightful threads I’ve ever read. Brilliant

  • Hard Little Machine

    I say let the who think fall apart. Yup, liberals are all right, let in a 1 million more, 2 million. These are people who, whatever happens, will still tell you it’s better now than it was before. If their whole family is raped and murdered their house burned down, they’ll clap and cheer and beg for more.

    Who cares, let it go.

    • k1992

      We should care because it will be us next: these people are morons, yes, but by defending them (even though they’re too stupid to realize that they need defending) we defend ourselves.

      • Hard Little Machine

        They will run out of people who know how to keep the lights on before they storm over here. In a generation western Europe will look like the dark ages.

  • Richard Abbott

    I feel the need to correct your commentary the official title is not “PM Useful Idiot”, the correct form of of address is “PM Zoolander”

  • Gary

    Justin promised the CBC that if he was Elected they would get $600,000,000.00 extra in his first term .
    The scumbag parasites at the CBC did what they could to bash Harper while exalting Justin.
    The CBC has been close to the Hamas funding CAIR as was Omar Alghabra because he helped Sheema Khan’s Lawfare suit for Maher Arar .
    Omar is a Saudi , he’s a Sunni as is Arar along with CAIR being backed by the Saudi’s.

    I didn’t think that Justin could be that stupid to not see how he’s a useful-idiot for the islamists , but I was wrong…we need a new word for Justin’s level of stupidity because he’s a puppet for any group that gets near his strings to say whatever they want his to.

    • WhiteFalcon1

      Mo-tard work? “mo” for mo-ham-head and tard for the obvious reasons, support islam your ‘traded….