Dear Media: Stop Trying To Teach Christians Theology

We could multiply articles in the Christians-are-meanies-and-I-know-the-Bible-better-than-they-do genre like St. Peter multiplied the animals after they left Jonah’s Ark. But it wouldn’t change the fact that the Most Holy Synod of Journalists doesn’t have an inerrant track record on religion. For instance, they sometimes need reminders that the resurrection is an actual thing Christians believe happened.

…An analogy might help: Imagine a person who has never seen a Star Wars film, but has merely heard plot summaries from other people he doesn’t really trust. Then imagine he watches the “Jar-Jar is a Sith Lord” theory on YouTube. Then send him on a 20-year military conquest on camel back in Saudi Arabia. Then ask him for a synopsis of “The Force Awakens.” The answer you get will be more or less as accurate as Christians believe the Islamic scriptures are when it comes to God.                                                                                                                               h/t

  • Waffle

    Jonah’s Ark!!?? Oh well, I always thought there was something fishy about those bible stories.

    • When Saint Peter revealed the Ten Commandments on Mount Horeb, Arkansas, which he received directly from the Virgin Mary after she parted the Dead Sea, Moses demanded from Pontius Pilate: “take my sister Miriam down from the cross!”


  • simus1

    Sts Peter and Paul were now Christian Consultants LLC, former tax collectors with previous experience working for the Romans. They had carefully costed the Jonah’s Ark budget and the only thing they knew about the animals was the cargo wasn’t big enough to let the Ark break even when the cargo was sold. You did what you had to do in those days to avoid being tortured to death by the banks for nonpayment and if multiplying the animals was the only way out ………………………..

  • disqusW6sf

    “…Islam began with a visit from a demon.”
    Love this article. It states the facts.