Why Are Arab Armies So Generally Worthless?

It’s a complex set of problems they have, the armies of the Arab world. Here’s a true story that will illustrate a lot of that why. It’s also a story I’ve told before in the essay, Training for War1:

During Bright Star 85, the Egyptian Army, which is one of the better Arab armies, set up some tents for us as Wadi Natrun, northwest of Cairo. The officer in charge of the detail looked at the Americans, looked at the tents (which were, by the way, better than ours), looked at the Americans…

He was thinking that an American’s signature on a hand receipt would do him no good if one of those very good and very expensive tents grew legs and went to hide in a shipping container. He put his platoon in formation, held up three fingers, and announced, “I need three guards.”

Every man reached into his back pocket, pulled out a wallet and began peeling off notes. That is to say, they were offering bribes, baksheesh. The three who came up with the smallest bribes were picked to guard the tents. These three then proceeded to squat by the road, hold hands, and cry like babies.2 And it was sort of understandable that they cried because for the next four days they got no food or water except what our men gave them out of pity; their officer just didn’t care.

h/t Sean

  • bob e

    what a cool post bm .. makes me hear the ring of truth
    bang against my scull .

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  • Barrington Minge

    Mooslims = Useless

  • tom_billesley

    Muslims have relied on slaves to do the soldiery.
    Without slaves, they’re lost.

  • simus1

    When a muslim country’s social structure/political structure and anything resembling even a vaguely efficient structured military organization are wildly out of mesh, there is little hope for much improvement of either one.
    This becomes manifest even in the simplest basic areas of military expertise such as logistics and maintenance where class structure and education requirements erect huge barriers which are often papered over by employing local religious minorities or expatriate contractors.
    Then there are even crazier centuries old things throughout the muslim world like “executive mindsets” that deem practicing and mastering vital skills like well organized tactical fighting retreats in peacetime as “just encouraging defeatism and wasting resources”. Of course there is also the possible fear that some people might “get too good at it” and today’s brilliant overnight retreat exercise to protect the capital might be tomorrow morning’s real coup live on TV.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Arabs are particularly useless from a military perspective because they are cowardly bullies, generally speaking, who have been saddled with a class structure AND sharia law.

  • Spatchcocked

    A house divided against itself….factor in consanguination….no belief in the nation state….
    ……the end result is groups running about murdering each other…….unless they can be focused on the old reliable infidels and plunder as their versions of the good old days promise.

  • Yo Mama


  • lolwut?

    Muslims don’t need to know how to use guns.

    Their greatest weapon is the womb.