Well that was a dumb thing to do…

Starbucks customer confronts barista who stole her credit card info

  • simus1

    Starbucks still around?
    They were in now closed Target stores in Canada, eh?
    Felt sort of guilty never ever buying a Starbucks coffee there or anywhere else.

    • Xavier

      I miss alcohol a little, I miss coffee a lot. Good coffee, from the Mom and Pop stores, not these hipster franchises. Oh, hand roasted fresh Sumatran and Kenyan!

      • ntt1

        time to audition for a new Doctor. avoid muslims and mormons and you”ll be fine.

    • mauser 98

      you have missed nothing.. way overpriced
      50 different varieties all with stupid artsy names
      filled with downtown metrosexuals staring at their laptops deep in thought. so above you all
      Starbucks is a big promoter of poofta LBGT recruitment drive.

      • Clink9

        Their also a bit legendary around Toronto for having problems with their food. Dirty hippies and food don’t mix.

        • mauser 98

          !? yikes.. for their prices?
          if on road will go to McDonalds,, good coffee ,,no attitude

          • Clink9

            Yup, good coffee, better prices and the cup is better for travelling.

    • ntt1

      you are on the right track, I have tried their coffee and it all tastes over toasted and over brewed. oh and overpriced. now we see what a venti really means”can i rip off your credit card”?

    • luna
  • Icebow

    I suppose even working for Starbucks might be considered a sort of low-level crime.

    • simus1

      All that “artistry” for those really into it might tend to move the needle towards
      a malfunctioning moral compass. The kid should have had a good sob story ready on tap about buying food for the poor if she got caught.
      Salvador Dali would have.

  • mauser 98

    credit card to buy coffee?

    • David

      go figure

    • Rick McGinnis

      I know, right?

      • dukestreet

        Anybody who uses a credit card to buy a cop of coffee,is usually in financial trouble. Should be going to Timmie’s or Dunkin Donuts, in the US

        • AmicusC

          not necessarily true. if one were wise, and depending on the card/benefits in question, it can make sense to simply run everything through the card to get the miles/$/points.
          you are however most likely right about this individual.

          • I’ve seen people use their credit cards for three dollar purchases.

            It’s kind of ludicrous.

          • AmicusC

            If u pay it off right away it’s not really different then debit

          • luna

            It’s safer then debit. In the event of a credit fraud dispute you pay nothing, whereas with debit you have to go through dispute to recover your money.

          • For three bucks?

          • AmicusC

            have you used debit for 3$?

          • No.

            I tend to have cash on me when I buy things.

          • AmicusC

            Cash is so last century :p

          • I wish people would rely on cloud wisps instead. 🙂

  • chayisun

    Starbucks where we live is very busy and, I admit, go there on occasion for a plain, ordinary coffee which usually requires an explanation that I only want an ordinary coffee. Like at Tim Horton’s. Unfortunately most people use their (a) debit card or (b) credit card to pay for a single cup of brew. I say brew because these folks seem to always order some fancy, artsy cup of something. With foam on top. Lots of foam. I assume this is the thing at Starbucks.

    Anyway, the woman in the video has every right to be upset but, wow, her language could be cleaned up a bit. What a *%#&…..

  • CaligulaJones

    I thought I’d try to get a hot chocolate once at a Starbucks. It was cold, there was little else around, and I thought that they couldn’t possibly fuck up a hot chocolate.


    I think I answered fewer questions on my mortgage…

  • Stop saying “fuck” in front of your kids.

    • mauser 98

      hard to do at Star#ucks

  • Dana Garcia

    I pay cash for everything. That way I don’t have to worry about lowlife thieves from my town to Goatbonkistan ripping me off.

  • What a silly child.