The Eight Causes of Trumpism

In some ways, the most interesting political story of 2015 was not Donald Trump but the widespread pundit reaction to Trump. Throughout the year, until a different conclusion became unavoidable, the expert consensus was that Trump was a single day or one inflammatory statement away from self-destruction, that his ceiling of support was 25 percent of Republicans at most, and even that was transitory. Another theme was that once Republican primary and caucus voters saw that Trump was anything but a true conservative—given his past support for a single-payer health-care system, his insistence on taxing the rich, and his contributions to Democrats, including Hillary Clinton—he would collapse.

  • G

    I had my doubts about him at first but not anymore. I hope he wins big.

    • So do I. At the same time I’m convinced he’s going to stab his supporters in the back. But we’ll see.

      • kkruger71

        I have the same gut feeling, one day he will turn his back on those that have been in his corner.

    • Canadian Born

      He has my vote to. This is what we need in Canada someone with the balls to address the problems we have with the importing of Muslim refugees. I wonder if anyone has the guts in Canada to take a stand against Junior? It is obvious he does not have a clue on running this country.

  • Petrilia

    It is hilarious. How they hate him. Donald Trump. How many articles have been written hating him in newspapers and magazines that are about to collapse because WE The PEOPLE won’t buy them anymore. We don’t want their movies, but wait the movie 13 Hours hours is about to come out. The true story of Benghazi. How Obama and Hillary Clinton lied. How a few American military men chose to save the US Ambassador and die for him. Do you remember his RAPED body dragged in the streets of Benghazi? I do.. I could not believe the entire US Military was not called. I believe they called in Obama from a golf game. And stuck a jacket on him so he would not look too insensenitive. What I do remember is Obama and Hillary pretending to care over the coffins of those who FOUGHT and DIED for AMERICA. Only to have those two unworthy creeps shed CROCODILE tears and LIE over their coffins. What does it matter yelled Hillary Clinton to Congress? That she lied matters and she has no right to run for President. I cannot wait to see a new movie called 13 hours. Benghazi. Reviews say it is horrible. I bet it is so truthful the left can’t stand it. Too violent they say. Hollywood, I -te guns but do violence. Thirteen Hours. THIRTEEN HOURS, this is the movie to watch about how possibly how Obama and Clinton left the BEST of the BEST to be ignored that terrible night and die. And when their bodies c#me home, Obama and Clinton lied. Shame. The TRUTH will out as it always does. I will watch 13 hours, I know it will show me the perfidy of the liars.

    • V10_Rob

      I’ll be very surprised if Hollywood allows any blame to land at Obama’s or Clinton’s feet. Certainly not by name. Probably not even by title, as nameless/faceless off-screen characters blandly and generically referred to as ‘the President’ and ‘the Secretary of State’.

      • Sherryhlongoria4

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  • Trump is an unknown quantity. I suggest conservatives read this article:

    “Mr. Trump, by contrast, draws his highest favorability ratings among the “very liberal” Republican-leaning voters polled. No wonder reporters find Trump supporters whose second choice is Sen. Bernie Sanders.”

    • Minicapt

      As long as the media and his opponents refuse to examine his background, he will continue to appear successful.


      • Clink9

        The last 8 years proves nobody checks backgrounds anymore. It’s so overrated.

      • Millie_Woods

        He is successful.

        And compared to Obama, Trump’s life is an open book. Speaking of ‘books’, Trump has written several, whereas nobody is allowed to know if Barry has ever even read one.

        • Minicapt

          Umm, … no.