Roman Catholic Archdiocese of L.A. Wants ‘Greater Solidarity with Islam’

The contemporary Catholic Church has wholeheartedly endorsed the ideas that Islam is a religion of peace and that Muslims are the first victims of jihad terrorism.

  • Martin B

    Charles Martel, Dante Alighieri, Don John of Austria, Jan III Sobieski…good Catholics all, with a crystal clear conception of what Islam was all about. What happened? When did the Church decide that whitewashing this satanic cult of death was part of its mission?

    • BillyHW

      When they started letting faggots become priests.

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    • Justin St.Denis

      That’s like asking “When did stupid stuff start happening?”

      Like high tide and low tide, stupid comes in cycles. We’re unfortunately living throuh a “peak stupid” period. This too shall pass. But there is more stupid to come. Of that you can be absolutely certain.

  • xavier


    Not all Catholics view islam as a religion of peace. As for being the first victims they are but that’s their own fault for not confronting the texts and apologists who glorify in the violence.

    Inthe end islam is deeply irrational because it violates natrual law at every turn. Catholics i guess want to save Moslems but are no longer as catechized as in the past

  • tom_billesley

    We need to listen to what muslims say to each other about Islam, and believe them

  • Hard Little Machine

    If you can’t fight child rape you may as well legitimize it

  • simus1

    Nervous Nellies getting ready to sign with the new team must be hoping Pope Evita is better at merger talks with muslims than everything else he has tried to peddle so far.

  • I wouldn’t have the slightest problem with “showing solidarity with Muslims” if Muslims themselves were speaking out against fascist Islam and valiantly fighting to bring about some sort of reform. But they’re not (with the exception of a couple small groups who don’t get any Press). Mainstream Islam doesn’t support the narrative that “we are being oppressed by fascist Islamicists; rather, they support the Marxist secular narrative that “we are being oppressed by Western Islamophobia”.

    The Archdiocese is joining Muslims in a fight that essentially doesn’t exist: the fight within Islam to destroy the fascist roots of Islam. Not that there isn’t plenty of bloody fighting within Islam, but it’s purely sectarian — none of it addresses the ideological fight against Islam’s fascist roots.

  • Physics grad

    The Roman Catholic Archdiocese Of L.A. should be excommunicated from the church.

  • Denis

    why don’t they just bare their necks and bend over right now?