Hating the West, Inc.

Western elites and Third World critics both enjoy Western largesse.

Professing dislike of the West and its culture and legacy is an industry on campus. The subtext of “white privilege” is that it consists of unearned status accorded those of European background. To listen to the anti-Westerners, you would think that the inventors of electrical generation, indoor plumbing, and vaccinations were enemies of the planet.

  • The libs fantasize about how idyllic things were before the advent of modern Western civilization.

    Take away their, refrigerator, washing machine, hot water, stove, electricity, and petroleum energy sources. Their fantasies will change,

    • It’s mental illness.

    • Alain

      At least from my understanding there were some hippies who actually walked their talk by giving up at least for a time all those wicked conveniences. That is far more than can be said of this disgusting spoiled bunch.

  • Hard Little Machine

    A great social experiment would be to apply the states rights the left hates, to give them precisely what they demand on a state level. Pick a state – do away with fossil fuels and cars, plastic, fertilizer, industrial farming, most laws. Make everything free and tax everyone 100% or more to pay for it. Disband the white privilege of college by doing away with books, classes, teachers and white students. Do away with elections and create a one party authoritarian government. Don’t have a bill of rights. Institute passports for travel in and out of the state. Censor all speech and the internet. Give furry animals civil rights. Abolish all policing.

    Come back to us in 15 years let us know how it works out.