As far as I can make out, Arab culture has absolutely no redeeming features of any kind

“Why Arabs Lose Wars”

Head-to-head competition among individuals is generally avoided, at least openly, for it means that someone wins and someone else loses, with the loser humiliated. This taboo has particular import when a class contains mixed ranks. Education is in good part sought as a matter of personal prestige, so Arabs in U.S. military schools take pains to ensure that the ranking member, according to military position or social class, scores the highest marks in the class. Often this leads to “sharing answers” in class—often in a rather overt manner or junior officers concealing scores higher than their superior’s.

American military instructors dealing with Middle Eastern students learn to ensure that, before directing any question to a student in a classroom situation, particularly if he is an officer, the student does possess the correct answer. If this is not assured, the officer will feel he has been set up for public humiliation. Furthermore, in the often-paranoid environment of Arab political culture, he will believe this setup to have been purposeful. This student will then become an enemy of the instructor….

…Most Arab officers treat enlisted soldiers like sub-humans.

…In general, the militaries of the Fertile Crescent enforce discipline by fear; in countries where a tribal system still is in force, such as Saudi Arabia, the innate egalitarianism of the society mitigates against fear as the prime motivator, so a general lack of discipline pervades.

…The show-and-tell aspects of training are frequently missing because officers refuse to get their hands dirty and prefer to ignore the more practical aspects of their subject matter, believing this below their social station. A dramatic example of this occurred during the Gulf war when a severe windstorm blew down the tents of Iraqi officer prisoners of war. For three days they stayed in the wind and rain rather than be observed by enlisted prisoners in a nearby camp working with their hands.

…U.S. trainers often experience frustration obtaining a decision from a counterpart, not realizing that the Arab officer lacks the authority to make the decision—a frustration amplified by the Arab’s understandable reluctance to admit that he lacks that authority. This author has several times seen decisions that could have been made at the battalion level concerning such matters as class meeting times and locations requiring approval from the ministry of defense.

…I have observed many in-country U.S. survey teams: invariably, hosts make the case for acquiring the most modern of military hardware and do everything to avoid issues of maintenance, logistics, and training. They obfuscate and mislead to such an extent that U.S. teams, no matter how earnest their sense of mission, find it nearly impossible to help. More generally, Arab reluctance to be candid about training deficiencies makes it extremely difficult for foreign advisors properly to support instruction or assess training needs.

…the well-known lack of trust among Arabs for anyone outside their own family adversely affects offensive operations… The maneuver element must be confident that supporting units or arms are providing covering fire. If there is a lack of trust in that support, getting troops moving forward against dug-in defenders is possible only by officers getting out front and leading, something that has not been a characteristic of Arab leadership.

…The presumed close U.S.-Israel relationship, thought to be operative at all levels, aggravates and complicates this penchant for secrecy. Arabs believe that the most mundane details about them are somehow transmitted to the Mossad via a secret hotline.This explains why a U.S. advisor with Arab forces is likely to be asked early and often about his opinion of the “Palestine problem,” then subjected to monologues on the presumed Jewish domination of the United States.

…In terms of safety measures, there is a general laxness, a seeming carelessness and indifference to training accidents, many of which could have been prevented by minimal efforts.

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  • Brett_McS

    The “Golden Age” of Islam was powered by Jews, Christians and Persians (Zoroastrians). And as for the “The Arabs invented … ” claims, so many of those turn out to be false (eg the zero was invented by Hindus) that I’d call BS on the whole lot by default.

    • Exile1981

      A lot of the arab invented things came from those same Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians that they enslaved and forced to work for them.

      • JoKeR

        A young American Muslim boy invented the digital clock recently and even got an invitation to the White House for that groundbreaking creation!

        I am so glad that soon we might all have digital clocks thanks to that boy! I hope he invents a digital watch next.

        • Canadian

          He`s working on a digital computer, whatever that is…

          • Justin St.Denis

            I heard that as well. Who knows what “computer” means? Strange indeed.

          • Canadian

            It`s an arabic word, but I don` know that noise.

    • ntt1

      The arabs did invent takkiya, which probably predates islam. The cultural approval of bullshitting is very ingrained in arab culture

      • They have a very original approach to the truth. I think it’s also fair to say that deductive reasoning is not a strong-point.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    BTW, that’s a great essay.
    I printed a copy of it for my son before he left to Afghanistan.

    • Brett_McS

      Well done, and congratulations on bringing up a true patriot! I somehow doubt he would get such truthful advice from the official military hierarchy these days.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Migrant husband allowed people smugglers to rape his wife daily for three months as payment for trafficking him to Europe

  • Sean

    Kratman’s awesome.

  • Xavier

    Oh come now, they make excellent targets.

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  • I remember having read this ages ago. It’s an eye-opening article that must be studied and applied to every aspect of understanding Arab/Islamist life.

  • canminuteman

    Another fault that Arab armies have, (I heard this from a mate who had close contact with them during Gulf War 1) is that even in their “elite” special forces the physical fitness level is about equal to a North American high school girl.

  • G

    I liked this. it was very informative. i’d actually like to read more.