U.S. Christian Groups Support Muslim Refugees, Ignore Persecuted Christians

According to recently released figures from the State Dept., the United States has let in a miniscule number of Christian refugees from Syria — only 34 — during the four years since the Islamic State began its campaign of mass slaughter. Put differently, although Christians amount for 10 percent of Syria’s population—and so should at least be 10 percent of the refugees accepted into the States—only two percent of those accepted are Christians.

This disparity is being ignored by influential U.S. Christian groups. The Church World Service (CWS) and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have both called for the resettlement of 100,000 Syrian refugees in the United States next year. Yet advocacy for especially persecuted Christians is lacking among these U.S. Christian organizations.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    It’s like ignoring the plight of South African farmers.

  • infedel


    • Dana Garcia

      They think they have a scriptural excuse for cowardice.

      • African

        I am really shocked the profound Anti-Christian and pro-muslim attitudes that exist in the majority of the people of the West and their various governments and even “churches”. Please watch the great discussion below which is about the same subject and then try to do some thing about it:

  • Achmed

    They know that if they start promoting Christians we and our allies on the left will call them racists and all their government funding to bring in the refugees will be cut off.

    How could they let Frontpage Magazine publish this? I am going to talk to CAIR so they can tie they up in lawsuits and get their friends in the White House do something against all this Islamophobia out of websites like that.

  • Left-wing churches were always adversarial to Christianity in general — the Left rejects the supernatural. And sometimes even right-wing churches compromised their tenets in the direction of materialism, but they invariably got burned.

  • Lsymn

    Galatians 6:10 So then, let’s work for the good of all whenever we have an opportunity, and especially for those in the household of faith.
    Which faith are these ‘shepheards’?

  • mauser 98

    …and wonder why you get this
    “German police in the city of Cologne have finally admitted that the mass
    sex attack on German girls near the city’s famous cathedral on New
    Year’s Eve involved at least 1,000 nonwhite invaders”


  • Brett_McS

    Supporting Christians doesn’t earn any moral-preening Brownie points.

    • Will Quest

      Time to leave nasty notes rather than cash in the collection basket .

    • Maurice Miner

      Brett_McS – you actually sound like a Blair-ite on this forum! I was always able to go “Kaboom”, but it is Disqusting that one cannot carry over old appellations… (oops! Ellipsis fail!)

      • Brett_McS

        Sorry, that’s beyond my reading comprehension level. Blair-ite?

        • Maurice Miner

          Sorry, my error – case of mistaken identity. Cheers!

  • Hard Little Machine

    During WW2 the US allowed in only a few hundred Jews from Europe. And they were kept in essentially a prison camp near Buffalo. For 2 years AFTER the war ended.