Trudeau Wants An Apology From the Pope

Oh, the arrogance:

FOR more than a century the government of Canada ran a system of residential schools for indigenous children, taking them from their parents—by force if need be—and putting them into institutions where many were physically and sexually abused. Seven years ago Stephen Harper, then Conservative prime minister, apologised on the government’s behalf to the 150,000 children and their families for the brutal attempt to wipe out their cultures. On December 15th Justin Trudeau, the new Liberal prime minister, apologised again, saying the “abhorrent” system represented “one of the darkest chapters in Canadian history”. He then said he would ask Pope Francis to apologise too. Why involve the pontiff?

One might ask who PM Trulander thinks he is but one could be waiting for a long time for the answer.

Furthermore, there is no sense in deluding one’s self into thinking that another apology on top of previous apologies is what Big Aboriginal is really after.


Pope Francis should publicly tell PM Trulander to cram it.

  • DMB

    Justin Trudeau who is a Catholic in name only should be the one apologizing to all Catholics.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I would like to be able to take the RC Church more seriously as well. Maybe if the RC Church excommunicated abortion-promoting Nancy Pelosi and Justin Trudeau, a murderous Kennedy or three…I could go on. But you know where I am going with this………

      • They’ve excommunicated themselves. While they should be given the official boot, doing so would make them victims/heroes.

        The hell they are.

    • He should apologise to everyone.

  • The Papacy has already apologized for residential schools. But what the Left press doesn’t report is that militant Aboriginal activists are demanding ANOTHER apology, which they want the Pope to deliver to them personally, coming to Canada specifically for that purpose.

    It’s a great relief to know that they have promised that there will only be one more apology after that. The last apology is scheduled for 2020, here are the conditions:

    The Pope must come to Canada and apologize, while standing upside down in a telephone booth baking a cake.

  • Clink9

    “One might ask who PM Trulander thinks he is”. Well, he was born on Christmas Day, so ……

    • Physics grad

      Where is the receipt, maybe we can return him in exchange for a new toaster.

    • terrence

      So, he is one of Santa Claus’s elfs. And just as real…

    • An SOB with a fabricated induced birth?

      • Clink9

        And a brother born the same day.

  • canminuteman

    As far as I am concerned there is nothing to apologize for with respect the the residential schools. The only way a stone age culture living in remote isolated villages is through a residential school system. Of course the other word that we use that means the exact same thing as “residential school” is boarding school. Many parents make great sacrifices to send their kids to boarding school. When I was a kid in a not even that remote part of northern Ontario, there were a lot of kids who only went home on weekends because they lived so far away. I’m am sure that most of the accusations against the people who ran the schools are crap, and those that aren’t are the fault of the people involved, not the whole system.

    • LauraS

      Judging people who lived 50 or 100 years ago by modern standards is ridiculous–as ridiculous as our lame PM.

      While there are stories of stomach-turning abuse (rape, vicious beatings) by some working in the Residential Schools, I’ve no doubt that was the exception rather than the rule. That they used corporal punishment and had the kids work was generally accepted during the times these schools were up and running.

      Google “Barnardo Home Children” and you’ll uncover similar stories of abuse. My youngest child is the spitting image of an ancestor on my husband’s side–a Barnardo child originally from the UK, who was transported to Canada, separated from his siblings, and who died from disease at age 12 while living on a farm. No one would consider such actions beneficial or benevolent today. Should I be asking the Queen for an apology and a cheque?

      You can make an argument that these children should not have been forcibly removed from their community for education at these schools. However, then the government would be accused of gross neglect and indifference towards native children. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      Generations ago, children were hit by their teachers, children died from disease, children were forced to work–REGARDLESS of their background or social standing. I refuse to apologize for something that happened decades before my family came to Canada, and for treatment that was common during the era.

      I’m also sick of the Protestant churches, filled with socialist, white-guilt afflicted “leaders” who are wringing their hands over the residential schools and bleating out “mea culpas” while ignoring the dire plight of Christians around the world.

      • Exile1981

        Not forget the “mass grave” site of 100’s of native children at that school in the maritimes turned out to have absolutly ZERO human bones in it. All of the thousands of bones came from chickens and pigs killed on site to feed the kids.

      • Reparations were needed and reparations were effected. But the radical Left are never satisfied. So if they’re going to play that game, how about mentioning the fact that the Residential schools were at the request and approval of Aboriginal Chiefs and Elders of the day, who thought it would be good for their people. And as you mention, many Aboriginals had a positive experience — not everyone was abused or totally cut off from their families, depending on how remote from the community the particular school was located.

        And then we could start talking about Indian abuses of Catholic missionaries during the early years of European contact. Martyrs shrines, such as the ones in Huronia, memorialize the brutal torture and slaying of these completely pacifist missionaries at the hands of some of the tribes. Where does it end? If we go back far enough in history every culture everywhere was guilty of some sort of abuse.

  • terrence

    I think it is disgusting that these LibTARDS NEVER mention the hundreds, if not thousands, of indian kids who said the residential schools were the best thing that ever happened to them – they got an education, were well fed and well treated, and were independent after they finished school (and lots of them did).

    I can recall a LOT of them speaking out years ago when I lived in Calgary; but, the VICTIMS (real, or FELT TO BE VICTIMS) were adopted by the Slime Stream Media and these people were ignore – no money to be made from them.

  • FactsWillOut

    I’m sure he’ll get right on that, after apologizing for capitalism and global warming.

  • barryjr

    Hey PM Shithead STFU, I’m tired of you constantly embarrassing Canadians.

  • Gary

    Note how Justin avoids telling the media that to was the Liberals in power that thought it was a good idea.
    Liberals are still doing it but this time they are forcing single moms to give the children to the Government day cares and then put in the Public School system to poison them with Liberalism thought control , plus now in the Lesbian Ontario she had her Convicted pedophile kiddie porn producer ( Levin) get his homoerotic sex-ed in to normalize man2child romances and then man2man sex .

    50 years from now another Liberal will stand up be display a fake moral outrage that children were mentally abused by the forced Sex-ed on little girls and boys that was a plot to have them accept and embrace adult2child culture by the progressives.

  • john s

    The sexual abuse aside the residential schools were a good idea. Many if not most of the children there were sent by their parents to escape the dire situation at home. Had natives been successfully integrated into society there would be far less suffering in the native community than there is today.

    • It was the “progressive” thinking of the time — forced assimilation instead of voluntary integration, and all parties involved share guilt for its failures. Nevertheless many Indians benefited according to their own accounts.

      Progressives today are repeating the mistakes of the past — forced homoerotic sex-ed, and sex-ed in general for under-aged children in the schools, contrary to the wishes of their families and traditional family culture.

      • john s

        I dunno that I would go that far, is mandatory education of children not closer to the residential school system? Perhaps combined with child welfare practices of removing children from domestic abuse?

  • Minicapt

    Justine should apologise to the Indians because it is not known if any of his grandfathers or great-grandfathers made any attempts to ease the sufferings and abuse of Our Native People.


  • Scotch_Pine

    This is the guy who denied Liberal candidates their freedom of religion and conscience, to check their pro-life beliefs at the door or take a hike. Now he thinks he can dictate to the pope (i.e. Catholic Church) on the basis of conscience to demand an apology and ask for forgiveness. Just-In is delusional to think he can be a religious and political broker among the leaders in the world.

    • Will Quest

      Hey it’s Pope EVITA …. that barking marxist will apologize till his
      cake-hole hurts….. given the opportunity to be embraced by the so-called ‘progressives’ ……. count on it !