This is your subway ride…

Paris subway, evening of Jan. 4th 2016In Paris.

The pic was sent me by a reader, it is what passes for normal nowadays in the City of Light.

It is the cost of Islam to French society.

The politicians lie.

It is only a matter of numbers.

The Danger of Partial No-go Zones to Europe

Partial no-go zones in majority-Muslim areas are a part of the urban landscape from the Mediterranean to the Baltic, with the French government alone counting 751 of them. This shirking of responsibility foreshadows catastrophe and calls for immediate reversal.

I call the bad parts of Europe’s cities partial no-go zones because ordinary people in ordinary clothing at ordinary times can enter and leave them without trouble. But they are no-go zones in the sense that representatives of the state – police especially but also firefighters, meter-readers, ambulance attendants, and social workers – can only enter with massed power for temporary periods of time. If they disobey this basic rule (as I learned first-hand in Marseille), they are likely to be swarmed, insulted, threatened, and even attacked.

  • DMB

    Multiculturalism will bring the loss of are freedoms and liberties.

    • That appears to be its goal, divide and conquer.

    • John Doeman

      We know who has promoted multiculturalism in America and why.
      Know the enemy.

    • Alain

      As bad and unworkable as multiculturalism is, the problem is importing Muslims who never live peacefully with anyone.

  • Dana Garcia

    I can imagine no-go zones expanding to the point where French territory becomes the smaller territory. Polygamy with lots of baby Achmeds will speed the change also.

    • I maintain we will see the French cede territory in our lifetimes.

  • john700

    On Christmas Night, for the first time in recent history, armed policemen were posted at the entrance of Catholic churches across France. It was just for show so Hollande could claim that he is tough on jihadism. That’s rich coming from the guy responsible for the Nov.13th attacks. But the presidential election campaign is underway, so he has to look as the tough guy.

    • France will find itself in civil war one day soon.

      • john700

        Problem is that there are 3 parties: normal French people, the crazy leftists (many of them) and Muslims. I am afraid that normal French people would be squeezed.

  • Editor

    I am torn between sympathy for the poor Mémé (Grandmother) who has lived in the same neighbourhood for 50 years and now finds herself in the middle of a no-go zone and my indifference to the people who have consistently voted in muslim apologists and multicultural fanatics. The French have made their bed, let them lie in it. I just wonder how bad the situation will have to get before they start taking action.