The ‘silencing of Christians’ in the public sector

Christianity is being subtly “silenced” within the public sector in the UK because of a civil service culture which treats speaking about faith as “not the done thing”, according to a former top Whitehall mandarin appointed as Church of England’s most senior lay official.

William Nye said a “secularising spirit” now permeates the machinery of government, leading to an unspoken “squeezing out of Christianity” from national life, despite public expressions of support from David Cameron and other ministers.

He said ministers or the general public would be surprised to realise the full extent to which faith is now seen as “odd and unusual” within the public sector in Britain.

  • Faith is now seen as “odd and unusual” within most of the public arena, nowadays.

    • Only if it isn’t Islam, which kowtowed to.

      • Yep. I forgot to mention that! But in its case, there is an underlying threat of violence, and so people make themselves super sweet out of cowardice.

    • Alain

      I must disagree, since faith in the tenets of neo-marxism is a requirement. Some of these tenets are multiculturalism, man-made climate change, gun control, etc. Islam and commiunism also get a pass.

      • For sure. All those are also faith-based beliefs. Here, we were using the term in a more restrictive, Judeo-Christian sense. It is the latter faiths which are under attack in Western societies, under attack by the other faiths (those you mention).
        I should add that personally, I am not defending the Judeo-Christian faiths per se, but the right to the choice of those faiths. The other faiths are currently trying to smother them, to drive them out of the picture. That is the issue.

    • Apparently it’s the bureaucrats, not the Legislators. Since when do we recognize unelected hired bureaucrats as our ipso facto lawmakers?

      • But also the media, academe, school-teachers, NGOs, etc. – all are involved in this modern movement. It is part of the Zeitgeist, the spirit of the times. It stops dead the criticism of homosexuality, Islam, leftist world unity, etc.

        • MRHapla

          Notice how it’s all in support of losers, if it wins it must be shut down.

          Israel is a prime example,,,as long as they were the underdog,,they got every sympathy. Once they started kicking ass ,,that support evaporated

          • Good point. In their worldview, the loser is the one to support, no matter how he got there (i.e. even if he is responsible for his condition). Why? Because the supporter is then proved to be virtuous, saintly.
            This is the altruistic philosophy, with its roots in Christianity, Kant, Marx, and more recently, the Dalai Lama. Only through altruism does a person have value. Only through self-sacrifice does a person earn the right to live.
            Therefore, they dote on the fantasy of “refugees” (even if they are really invaders, rapists, killers) – they need someone, however ugly, to support in order to earn their own value.

          • MRHapla

            “I don’t plant weeds in my backyard, just so I can pick them” You’re right,,,the PC Left have become the virtuous in search of a cause. The Knight Errant gone mad, and PC.

          • Gone mad is right.

      • MRHapla

        Just look at these “Human Rights Commission” constructs in various states and cities,,meting out fines, penalties for PC infractions. It’s the legislators,,they just went old school Mafia and put a layer between them and the PC BS

        • Yes, more and more the left-wing view of virtue is going to be enforced – in schools and universities, in the workplace, etc.
          After all, this is Marxism – stuffing the elite’s viewpoints down the citizens’ throats.

          • MRHapla

            Exactly,,the self-anointed PC elites,,because , ya know,,it ‘feels’ right,,,,,,,and if it creates more parasitic basket-cases????,,all the more po’folks to ‘help’.

          • Yes, gives ‘meaning’ to their empty lives.

          • MRHapla

            In the most simplistic way possible. God help us all.

          • Amen. The world is in deep trouble at this time.