Reopening of Kenya’s Garissa University a ‘show of confidence on security issues’

The university has reopened nine months after 148 people were killed by al-Shabab militants. While some Kenyans see the reopening as a triumph against terror, for others it’s too soon, says analyst Brian Wanyama.

  • Have the students been armed?

    • Alain

      No way would that be allowed. When I lived in Africa and wanted to purchase a pellet gun I had to go through as much red tape as with the Liberals’ Firearms Act to purchase a rifle. African governments are terrified of armed citizens and I am not talking about the Muslim threat nowadays.

      • The the African cannot complain about repeated attacks.

        They can get off of their duffs and protect themselves. No more of this Dead-Aid crap.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Well, they did shrewdly disguise the front gates like a chest of drawers.
          Confusing attackers who would say wait a minute am I still in my bedroom?

  • mauser 98

    perhaps Obama’s brother who lives there in a shack on a 1$ / month income may get a job now