PM Useful Idiot’s Gov’t Condemns Saudi Execution Of Khomeinist Mullah Forgets Iran Offed 700 Of Its Citizens Last Year

DionI bet the Saudis are just quaking in their boots at the thought of PM Useful Idiot and Stephane Dion in full rage mode.

I guess Justin’s Iranophile brother forgot to tell him about the Khomeinist killing spree. 

  • ontario john

    And lets not forget Pakistan with over 500 executions last year. And the commies are the winners with China executing more people than all the bat shit crazy muslim countries combined. But I guess Trudeau is choosy what killers it supports. After all, Trudeau loves China.

    • China is his idol! Well Castro too.

    • If you count all the Muslims killed by other Muslims, Muslims are the biggest killers.

      Islamic Sharia law encourages all Muslims to be self initiating when it comes to enforcing Sharia law.

      “Islam, as a system, can rely on a huge, unpaid, unseen, unorganized, individually acting, empowered to act, widely distributed group of highly motivated devout believers who are willing to kill.” (From my thesis – Islam is Fear:

  • Hard Little Machine

    You can’t worry what the idiots at HuffPo think about anything.

    • No, you shouldn’t but we do have to worry about what is put into PM UI’s empty head.

  • Spatchcocked

    “Do you think hit is easy to make priorities?”

    When he said the foregoing I’m surprised his spleen didn’t explode…

    MAN he was some pissed…

  • andycanuck

    Stephane Dion… because it’s 2015???

    • Nope, because it’s 2008. Shiver me timbers — the notorious pirate Captain Dion is gonna whack ’em over the noggin with the Green Shift!

      “Green Shift Inc., a Toronto-based consulting firm, filed an $8.5 million
      lawsuit against the Liberal Party on 9 July 2008, citing trademark
      infringement. The company also sought a court injunction against the
      Liberal Party to stop using the name. Dion responded that the lawsuit
      was ‘deplorable’ and added that the Liberals are not a commercial
      company and did not see any legal problems for using the term ‘Green Shift’.”

      • Dion’s response to a civil lawsuit: “Deplorable!”

        Dion’s response to a mass execution: “Canada is concerned!”