Palestinian Leaders Promise a New Year of Violence and Death

After failing to offer their people any hope for the future, Fatah and Hamas are now telling Palestinians that they should expect more violence and bloodshed during in 2016.

In separate messages to the Palestinians on New Year’s Eve, the two rival Palestinian parties pledged to pursue, and even step up, “resistance” attacks against Israel. Needless to say, the messages did not make any reference to peace, coexistence or tolerance.

  • I’ve got three words for them, and they aren’t “Happy New Year”. GFY

  • Editor

    This is so predictable, I don’t even care anymore.

  • FactsWillOut

    Israel should promise a year of death and violence.
    I figure they could clear Gaza to a man in a year.
    Then all the European Jews could move there.
    One year of death and violence followed by many decades of peace and security is a good trade, too bad the Israeli admin are to cowardly.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Israel should tell them, “If you want jihad, we will give you jihad.”

  • Hard Little Machine

    Step up, Nigga.