One Year On Charlie Hebdo Forgets The Liberals Who Said They Had It Coming & Instead Blames God & All Religion

Charlie Hebdo anniversary edition cover released: ‘the assassin is still out there’

Cartoonist Laurent Sourisseau, who took over the management of the weekly after the attack, also wrote an angry editorial in defence of secularism. It denounces “fanatics brutalised by the Koran” as well as those from other religions who hoped for the death of the magazine for “daring to laugh at the religious”.


As I recall, beyond Muslims the loudest calls to silence Charlie Hebdo came from “Liberals”, secular “Liberals”…

The Rush to Blame the Victims in the Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Shame On The Liberals Who Rationalise Terror

Suggesting that Charlie Hebdo Had It Coming

That’s a very sophisticated, nuanced sort of lame…