Donald Trump: Carnage Recruiter

“…Apparently, all it takes to get Muslims to sign up for a life of terrorism is one speech by a wealthy reality-show star who holds no office.

The notion that average Muslims teeter so precariously on the brink of “going jihad” that one speech by a businessman-politician could cause them to chuck their normal lives and throw in with a bunch of murderous sadists reflects, at its core, a truth—one that the apologists have for years been trying to avoid: “Ordinary” Muslims become radicalized far more readily and with greater frequency than the rest of us. Again and again we hear of Muslim terrorists who “only recently” embraced jihad, often with such speed that friends and family members barely had time to notice. In a previous piece, I likened the ease with which Muslims can become radicalized to the ease with which the elderly can get pneumonia. It doesn’t mean that only the elderly get pneumonia, or that all elderly people get pneumonia; it just means that they are more likely to get it.”

h/t FF

  • mobuyus

    Suss the fuckers out. Find them fix them, flank them finish them.

  • Gary

    I had pointed out at the time that Hillary made it clear how predisposed to riots and murdering people that muslims are because any offence to their faith or prophet causes a peaceful follower to snap .
    Now if only Hillary would talk to Loretta Lynch and those at the FBI and DHS.
    Unless they know she’s one big habitual liar and this is a Political stunt that same as when she and Bill did their charade in public .

  • Blacksmith

    As has been said as nauseum, the problem is islam.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    He needs to offer free tickets to anyone willing to fight for ISIS.
    When they board the remotely controlled plane, it is flown to Syria and slammed into the ISIS welcoming committee and then watch them all go up in flames.
    Then round up their families and deport them all, regardless of their citizenship status.
    That would be epic!