Book Excerpt: Gun Control in The Third Reich

This is from the NRA web site. Chilling details about the confiscation of civilian weapons in Nazi Germany and how it made the task of killing Jews and subjugating the honorable Germans a fait accompli. Jews, ever anxious not to “make trouble”,  gave up their guns way too easily. This excerpt includes two very inspiring examples of non-Jews who kept their guns and helped protect their Jewish fellow Germans.


“Resistance to Nazi oppression was hampered by the lack of civilian arms possession. One of the most notable exceptions was the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943, which began with a few incredibly brave Jews armed with handguns. They were able to temporarily stop the deportations of Jews to Nazi extermination camps.”

Take a look at the article and while you are on the site, consider joining the NRA. Obama is planning to introduce more gun control by executive fiat this week! The NRA is a bulwark against this tyranny!

  • Hold onto your guns.

    • Bullies will cave in – they are cowards. The rest? Well, at least you can take a few with you.

  • FactsWillOut

    Actually, the NRA were instrumental in removing access to full-auto weapons from American citizens, in direct violation of the 2A.

    Gun Owners of America (GOA) is the real deal.

    • P_F

      I agree NRA dances more to the tunes of politicians than law-abiding citizens.That being said, something is better than nothing.

  • Obama’s bypassing of the Constitution and Congress through Executive Orders has become so routine, it hardly raises an eyebrow. The USA is effectively now, thanks to this illegitimate president, a dictatorship.

    • V10_Rob

      You’d like to think Republicans would demonstrate what a farce it is by issuing an Executive Order vacating all of Obama’s EOs in one fell swoop (at least those that were blatant legislative end-runs).

      They like an autocratic President, so long as it’s them, and they’d rather participate in this fraud than obstruct themselves for when the office is in their hands again.

  • Nanoaggressive

    Considering the Jew Socialist attempted military takeover of Germany just after WW1, it was logical to make sure self-declared enemies of the German people not have tools to turn Germany into a Soviet shithole

    • Clink9

      Then more logic applied to killing 6 million of them?

  • P_F

    I urge fellow Canadians to get your Firearms license & buy at least couple of firearms before idiot turdo tries to disarm the whole population. There should be no doubt, it is coming.
    We are not violent people, neither we seek any bloody revolution but for the sake of freedom & liberty -which makes our civilization, culture & country so great.
    Government know we the law-abiding Canadians will never use our guns for offence but they are planning to take our means of defence from their tyranny.

  • Physics grad

    Obama is a Nazi