Unseen Islamic State Pamphlet on Slavery


My bad, I thought slavery was evil-

The news outlet Reuters has been a running a series of pieces on Islamic State documents and files obtained by U.S. special forces during the Abu Sayyaf raid earlier this year. A recent article by the outlet mentions a pamphlet on slavery that Reuters was able to view. It so happens I was able to obtain this pamphlet from a contact in northern Syria earlier this year, and I produce the text and my translation of this pamphlet for the first time in the public domain below. The pamphlet, issued by the Diwan al-’Iftaa wa al-Buhuth (Fatwa Issuing and Research Department), outlines basic justifications for the practice of slavery, particularly as regards concubines.

Hey, nonbelievers! its not just justified, they are doing us a favor by killing our men, enslaving our children and raping our women:

“Therefore making captive of the women and offspring is a mercy from God for them, because this captivity and enslavement are the practical and realistic means to save these women from waste and desolation, and it is the most useful way of protecting them from atrocities and find protectors for them and their offspring.”

And the War Against Women left, Rape Culture Phonies and the Campus Legions of the Halls of Macademia say… “<crickets>”

  • They are very devout!

  • moraywatson

    Western, Christian philosophy: if you love something set it free.
    Middle eastern, muslim philosophy: if you love something enslave it.

    • Alain

      Agree other than doubting that love is part of Islam.

  • Spatchcocked

    Gives “social justice warrior” a whole new meaning…….

    I see a bizarre symmetry between the muzzies and their destruction of antiquities….the Khmer Rouge return to year zero and the Cecil Rhodes must fall gutter snipes

    • Yes, history, like facts can be just as inconvenient as they are stubborn.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Just saying…

  • Hard Little Machine

    someone needs to unleash every biological weapon in drawer on them