The political wisdom of people who don’t even know what a circle is

Why are liberals morons? I’m sure that this question has rattled around your mind before, perhaps when watching one of those fair and balanced debates between three ill-dressed but very liberal women that Newsnight puts on every evening, hosted by Kirsty Wark. You hear them tiptoeing through the -nether regions of some important political issue, carefully sidestepping the nub of the matter, obfuscating, denying the patently obvious even when it is staring them right in their smug faces, jabbering ineffectually about nothing in essence. How can these silly mares be this way, you may have asked yourself. How can they navigate their way through life on such slender mental resources? And you may even have come to a sort of conclusion: they are stupid because they do not see the world as it really is, but only as they would wish it to be. They have no handle on reality. They are in a state of denial.

That is why they are morons.

  • Shebel

    OMG ! I was waiting for some dramatic conclusion accompanied by words of wisdom. Too frigging funny. ))))

  • Alain

    Other than the neo-marxist ideologues the rest of the Left operate solely on emotion, never questioning whether the emotion is valid as in based on something real. Being governed by emotion rather than reason never leads to good or positive results. I believe that is why more women than men fall into this group.

    • For many on the left “self esteem” rather than truth is the prime motivator.

      • Alain

        That is all just part of what I qualify as unfounded emotion.

    • Justin St.Denis

      It’s the Harlequin Romance Approach To Life.

      Chick lit should be burned, but it amuses the overly emotional and the lonely. Problem is, some of them vote.

  • Xavier

    “It’s a circle STFU racist!”

    • Heh;)

    • tom_billesley

      It’s not important what it is, but what it self-identifies as, and how it feels

    • Liberal Progressive

      It’s a symmetrically-challenged circle.

      • ntt1

        geometrically impaired ?

  • Xavier

    The shape in the article looks like an outline of Trump’s head.
    I think it’s the start of a Presidential portrait.

  • H

    We all look at reality and try to make sense of it through the lens or filter of our experiences, our socialization, our moods, etc. – our worldview or paradigm, in other words. The trick is to be able to modify or even, in extreme cases, abandon that paradigm if reasoned evidence accumulates against our beliefs.

    Progressives and socialists seem particularly poor at making changes to their viewpoints. In the long run this will lead them toward inflexibility, even stagnation, in their thinking and an inability to be innovative or creative in their ideas. Yep, that qualify as stupid ….

  • Waffle

    Nothing like stating the obvious. This is the defining characteristic of what it means to be liberal. The only question is, is it a matter of nature or nurture?

  • ntt1

    its a polygon not a circle and bruce jenner is still male.