The Fall of Chicago

What our Marxist friends call “internal contradictions” are bringing down Chicago, as they have already bankrupted Detroit. Writing at Powerline, Paul Mirengoff explores “The Larger Meaning of Rahm Emanuel’s Woes.”


Reading this you’ll quickly realize you are reading Toronto’s and by extension Ontario’s future as the Liberal government is just the northern version of the Democratic party kleptocracy. Pay particular attention to the piece by Walter Russell Mead , and then substitute Toronto for Chicago.

Incidentally the pic above while of Chicago’s South side is not current. I stumbled upon it as I was searching for a “Chicago image” to accompany this post.  I found its history so interesting I thought I should include it and link to some info on the photographer Richard Nickel.

“…Nickel’s thousands of pictures brilliantly captured a city that was slipping away before his eyes. He died in 1972 when a section of the building he was shooting, Adler & Sullivan’s Chicago Stock Exchange, collapsed and buried him. (It was being demolished at the time; that’s why he was photographing it.) His body wasn’t found for 28 days. An excellent introduction to his work is Richard Nickel’s Chicago by Richard Cahan and Michael Williams (2006). You should read it. He’s a tough act to follow.”

  • Ron MacDonald

    Name one city run by Black Democrats that is successful.

    • I have not been back for several years now, pity to hear it is falling into a Detroit like state.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Grounds for the next Civil War.
      Slogan: I fucking told you so!

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    • Mr. Cupcakes

      Are cemetaries considered cities? The coloreds can’t run them neever.

  • Sit back and watch this train wreck.

    Before one does, seal off the city. Don’t let it infect the rest of the US.

  • Miss Trixie

    It’s been so schtoopidly stressful of late – I think we need a little fun and we could really use a belly laugh or two! I’m gonna get me a couple of these! 😀

    Pie Face Game. LOVE IT! 😀

    • k1992

      There are few things very young children seem to find more amusing than seeing “grown-ups” acting silly, I’ve noticed. And granddad seemed to be rather enjoying himself too. 🙂

    • Cool!

  • Gary

    The best I could do for one of the Parked cars was to match it to a 1952 Buick by the fender Port Holes and 3-piece rear window that was ended in 1953.
    The other car had snow on it but none under it , so it has been there for a while, but the Buick appears to be visiting and used daily.
    One other car in the backdrop on the side street is also early 50’s , so my guess for the year of the photo is 1956 .
    Nickel’s would have been 28 and since he served in Korea until 1953 he would have needed time to adjust after coming back and then start his project to preserve Chicago’s history in photos .

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s a fundamental error to assume they didn’t want this to occur. Because they did, that was the plan. Destroy the city, gut it and make whatever’s left wholly dependent on the next largest source of government administration and funding. First the state then the Federal government. Centralization is the key to leftist governance. It doesn’t matter that Chicago becomes Ramadi as long as control or what goes for control comes from the top down.

  • Reader

    Time for a musical interlude…..

  • canminuteman

    I think there are many cities in Canada that are almost as bad. I live in one. The only reason the city I live in seams to be getting by is that it is close enough to Toronto for commuters to live here. It used to be a heavily industrialized place, and the industry is effectively all gone.

  • seaoh

    Even Superman has given up on Chicago