Our spoiled, emasculated, de‑spiritualised societies in the West are in terminal decline

In 2015 we witness a rare geopolitcal power shift – and in the face of every kind of new external challenge the leaders of the EU and the USA have never looked weaker or more bemused

As we enter this new year, what is the most significant feature of how the world is changing that went almost unnoticed in the year just ended? Two events last autumn might have given us a clue.

One was the very peculiar nature of that state visit in October, when the president of China was taken in a golden coach to stay at Buckingham Palace, down a Mall lined with hundreds of placard-waving pro‑China stooges, while the only people manhandled away by Chinese security guards were a few protesters against China’s treatment of Tibet and abuses of human rights.

  • Putting “lipstick on a pig” comes to mind. The Royals sometimes work so hard at connecting with commoners, but their efforts are often misdirected. These are not “commoners”, they’re communist tyrants and the people on the street who support them are communist agitators.

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  • Brett_McS

    All these Death of the West articles are really about the Death of the Leftist fantasy of prosperity through the state. The snake is eating its own tail, which should be the leftist flag, instead of the hammer and sickle. Of course they will try to drag everyone down with it; our aim is to get out of the ever diminishing circle.

    • Very true, especially the Western version of “Democratic Socialism” which isn’t so democratic anymore. The Left wouldn’t even exist were it not for a thriving free market by which it is financed, through the tax dollars the Left pilfers. If they crush the free market it will lead to the death of “soft Marxism”. They will have to either go full-on fascist Communism, or the Islamists will fill the vaccum.

  • Spatchcocked

    The Manchus have NOT forgotten the Second Opium War…..nor have they forgotten the Japs.

  • Millie_Woods

    How lamentable that western civilization is crumbling just as we are about to realize the full potential of socialism.

  • DD_Austin

    Typical ignorance, Tibet was a medieval shithole under the theological despotic
    rule of the Dalai Lama, who committed as many “abuses of human rights” as
    any other despot. Those “monks” had no problems with eye plucking and
    thumb screws to collect taxes

    Tibet isn’t worse off under China, and it wasn’t better off under the Dalai Lama
    the only time tibet did get better rule was south tibet under the British

    Couldn’t give a shit what happens in tibet, it’s just another third world shithole
    filled with third world ignorant tribal masses*, which is makes it just another typical
    asian “country” that isn’t worth a shit to the west, even the British only took the south as a “buffer zone”

    * after four hundred years of british rule, India is still a shithole

    • P_F


      Your description of Tibet under centuries of Dalai Lama’s rule is very accurate & based on actual historical facts. Majority of the people who criticize (or favor) Chinese rule has absolutely no understanding of Tibetan history. During late 1980’s I’ve extensively travelled in that region working for various regional wildlife agencies and know first hand the reality of dalai lama. There are dozens of books on the subject written during the 19th century which gives a factual view of Tibet to the rider.

      “after four hundred years of british rule, India is still a shithole”
      A small correction; British were present in India for 400 years (as traders & small feudal lords) but actually ruled there for less than 200 years (last 90 odd years till 1947 under direct British Crown and before that a board of directors of EIC ruled through 3 presidencies namely: Bengal, Madras & Bombay with their separate Armies). During which time India was liberated from 800 years of mohammedan tyrannical rule, was modernize & masses were given education. After British left it has gone down the drain & it’s again a shithole as it was before.

      • DD_Austin

        Your right

        But the point was the problem with third world countries
        isn’t geography, and it isn’t that they poor, or “exploited” by others

        aid, education and respect are wasted on them, they have to bootstrap themselves and they have not the ability, nor desire
        to do so, they like their shitholes just as they are, thank you very much.

        Longshanks expresses the exact natural of all third world problems
        in few words that we should listen to well


    • Is there anywhere in the world that isn’t a “shithole” besides Muskogee, Oklahoma, U.S.A.? Is it true that Jesus was born there?


      • DD_Austin

        This guy can’t enunciate English . The song is not understandable
        half the time, he is a foreigner so there is some excuse for the
        muddle he makes of it.

        However there is no excuse for the muddle you made.with your post..
        a riposte should have a point, Clueless and factless posts just confirms your an ignorance.

        If you learned nothing about Tibet, learn this….

        You can’t shout down a post, Social justice boy

        • “Social Justice boy”? Whatever. I suppose you haven’t noticed that the era of Tibetan history you refer to was the same era when they lynched Negroes in the U.S. Lemme see, lynching or eye-ball plucking — which one of the two was “culturally superior”?

          • DD_Austin

            One was an act by the state, the other an act by criminals

            By the way you left out all the chinese and mexican,
            horse thieves and cattle rustler lynchings

            Guess they just were’nt “colourful” enough for you

            Social Justice Boy … confirmed

          • Well, dick for brains, you forgot what the discussion was about — Communist China and Tibet, you came out on the side of Communist China. The current exiled Dalai Lama of Tibet does not pluck out eyeballs. But the Chinese Government sells organs on the open market harvested from living political prisoners. You’re a commie pinko (and a faggot afraid to come out of the closet). But hey, that’s your choice in life — it’s a free country.

          • DD_Austin

            Rather the current lama can’t pluck out eyeballs, exile eh?

            No I “came out” earlier with “who gaves a shit, about another asian shithole”

            As for “communist” China, China runs on the same old “rule by the emperor” it always has been run by, China was communist long before the word was invented. China is
            China, it hasn’t changed in two thousand years.

            As to organ harvesting from live political prisioners, if their organs are harvested, they ain’t alive, everybody has political prisoners, and everyone trades organs.

            “- it’s a free country.”

            Actually it isn’t, and never has been