Louis Farrakhan: ‘Trump will take America into the abyss of hell’

The leader of the Nation of Islam group in a recent interview spoke out against GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, warning Americans that the real estate mogul will take the country “into the abyss of hell” if he is elected in 2016.

In an interview on “The Cliff Kelly Show,” the Rev. Louis Farrakhan, charged that Mr. Trump’s leadership was not rooted in justice and said he is “tearing away the skin of the onion of white civility,” according to video he posted on Facebook Thursday.

One more reason to vote for Trump.

  • Ed

    Look ta me like ‘ole Louis be a cracka on da INSIDE!


  • Louis Farrakhan says, ‘Trump Will Take America Into The Abyss Of Hell’.

    Well that does it for me.

    If Trump pisses of Louis Farrakhan, my vote for Trump is assured.

    Louis Farrakhan is nothing but a white hating, hate speech spewer. May the idiot continue to work for Trump’s election.

  • Maggat

    Farrakhan ought to know he’s standing there with one foot in “The Abyss of Hell”

  • Xavier

    Trump has replaced Palin as the liberals’ favorite target for invective and violent rhetoric. I’ve been reading their comments on progtard blogs – frothing spittle flecked hatred spews out at the mention of Trump.

    Quite amusing and easy trolling too.

  • tom_billesley

    Trump should enter his next rally to the music of “Highway to Hell”.