ISIS throw 15-year-old boy off a roof for being gay… but the terror chief who raped him is let off

A teenage boy has reportedly been thrown off a roof by ISIS militants in Syria after he was accused of being homosexual.

The 15-year-old boy, who has been named as Abu Zaid, was pushed to his death off a high building in Deir ezzor province in Syria.

It has been claimed that the ISIS militant that raped the young boy had only been demoted and was spared a death sentence.

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  • DMB
    • Islam is a filthy disgusting murder cult.

      • BillyHW

        Tell that to the pope.

      • Gary

        But the real crisis for gays is getting Pizza after their wedding.

        The silence from GLAAD makes them complicit as a tacit approval.
        Which means that I wonder why people care any more about gay issue, this selective outrage made me sick when GLAAD gave Hillary a pass on how she knew Chris Stevens was gay and yet tossed him to the muslim homophobes that were outside the gates and willy to kill him as a favour to allah.
        The Media lied about his death , he was raped and chopped up by these savages and yet the Autopsy said he died of smoke inhalation. Right , and Nicholas Berg died from a lack of blood to the brain as if the beheading didn’t cause it.
        Hillary now lies about Stevens and blames him because he knew the dangers and told her he accepted them, but she claims it was a private conversation like many others with Chris that can’t be proven since he’s dead.

        I just don’t care any more , ISIS , hamas and iran can slaughter gays all day because the wasted Compassion and outrage tires me out to where I’d rather stick to Children’s Rights and the Poor in Canada .
        Justin is obsessed with the islamists votes and will spend $1 billion plus on 50,000+ pro-sharia muslim refugees which will Spike the Rapes and attacks on Jews.
        Wait until these homophobes see the PRIDE parades.

  • mobuyus

    Just once I’d like to see a photo of buraq obama bound and being tossed off a tall building in Syria.

  • Minicapt

    Obviously ISIS works hard to maintain the organisation’s standards.


  • Hard Little Machine

    No doubt he’s the chief negotiator with the ongoing secret talks with the US Department of State.