How Liberals Are The New Autocrats

Progressives may preach the joys of localism, but the trend in government is all the other way in everything from climate change to the economic complexion of your neighborhood.

This could be how our experiment with grassroots democracy finally ends. World leaders—the super-rich, their pet nonprofits, their media boosters, and their allies in the global apparat—gather in Paris to hammer out a deal to transform the planet, and our lives. No one asks much about what the states and the communities, the electorate, or even Congress, thinks of the arrangement. The executive now presumes to rule on these issues.

For many of the world’s leading countries—China, Russia, Saudi Arabia—such top-down edicts are fine and dandy, particularly since their supreme leaders won’t have to adhere to them if inconvenienced. But the desire for centralized control is also spreading among the shrinking remnant of actual democracies, where political give and take is baked into the system.

  • Xavier

    …the United States could no longer play its historic role as a rare
    beacon of independence and self-government in a world increasingly
    dominated by various manifestations of centralized tyranny.

    Somebody hasn’t been paying attention.

  • Xavier

    The more I see, the more I respect Jefferson: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

  • Dana Garcia

    This is new? How is utopia supposed to happen unless the superior liberal people force the masses to do what’s good for them?

  • The lazy wealthy classes have never had to deal with the cares of the working classes. This not only creates more tension but more problems that the toffee-nosed will never have to solve.

    • Clausewitz

      Apparently Justine is now slanting his rhetoric to say that tax laws will be there to punish High class citizens and now Upper Middle class folks. Next up all middle class people. Let the revolution commence.

      • HE falls into the category he is trying to punish. As there are fewer than a million earning $200,000 or more, he’ll lower that limit to steal the cash.

        Watch the fireworks.

    • Lorraine Whipkey

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